What are backlinks?  

The one website sets a backlink that leads to another website. The backlink process can also be seen as a recommendation in the form of a link. That another website links to yours is difficult to influence, but essential for a successful Google appearance, and thus essential for SEO. The more professional websites with a link to your site, the higher the rank of your domain for Google will be.

Backlinks are a part of the link profile - this includes the so-called internal links (inbound links) and external links. The inbound links describe the linking within your website - you always lead the user within your page to further interesting content from you. The external links are the recommendations to another website and its content.  

In SEO circles one speaks of the totality of all links and backlinks of a domain as link profile. A good link profile consists of many internal links, few external links and high-quality backlinks.


The relevance of backlinks for the websites 

SEO has the goal of optimizing websites for search engines like Google and even if the Google algorithm is predominantly a secret, it is known that in addition to the right content, backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. A backlink to generate, but also belongs to the time-intensive tasks in the SEO field, yet the backlink building must not be neglected in any case.

By building backlinks, your domain gains credibility and strength and takes for Google itself thus relevance to. The internal linking leads to a better structuring of your page and its content, which means your page can rank better for certain keywords. Targeted backlink building directs more traffic from the right target audience to your website. 

From an SEO perspective, these are all valuable factors for being competitive in the long run.


What are high quality backlinks?

A really good backlink depends on many factors. 

On the one hand, the position of the link on the web page, as well as the anchor text itself, is relevant for search engines. The position indicates how important the backlink is - If the backlink is "hidden" in the footer, then it is weighted less than a backlink that stands out on the home page with the font color and size. The anchor texts must vary so that this has a natural progression for Google and abuse can be excluded. In addition, the type of rel attribute of the backlinks and how strong the domain itself is, from which the backlink comes, is also important. If a website that already enjoys high reputation in Google recommends another website, this backlink will have more weight. It is also understandable that "follow" links are also better recognized by Google.

So the goal of backlink building is to strengthen your domain with the help of backlinks, to gain relevance for search engines like Google and thus to benefit from a better ranking of your website. 

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