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Increase awareness and visibility of your company in the long term with our 8 tips

Your startup is not yet running smoothly? You want to improve your online presence? Are you looking for new business partners?

Make your business more visible through listings in business directories. An additional advantage of such entries can be an improvement of the ranking in the SERPs be. This kind of Backlinks can give your website the decisive push forward to be found better by potential customers or business partners.

But be careful: Not all company directories, web catalogs or business directories are suitable for this! If you enter your company on the wrong portals, you can do more harm to the company than to bring it further e.g. loss of positions in the search results, reputation of the company suffers (trust and power value decreases) or a warning from search engines.

What is a company listing useful for your business?

With entries in company directories, business directories or web catalogs you increase the chance of new business partners and potential customers to win. But job seekers also use various directories to find out about companies. Company entries are also called citations. A citation is a reference to the name, address or telephone number of a company on a website. Citations are especially important for local search results on Google (Local SEO).

In the area of the Search Engine Marketing (SEO), high-quality and relevant backlinks are an important key to more visibility in the organic search results. Provided you choose the right websites on which to place your listings - that is, Google must recognize the site as high quality.

Special care should be taken with web catalogs and online business directories, because some do not have normal linking, but "Link Farming"(Attention: spam link), and use redirects (302 forwarding). This can result in considerable ranking losses. Even a warning by Google is possible. In the past, these websites have suffered major ranking losses because they were penalized by Google. Said pages partly do not exist anymore or the pages have not recovered until today.

What is a company entry?

In the company entry you give potential customers or business partners information about your company. You share, what your company is called, what your company offers or does (selling goods, services, services, etc.) and how or where your company can be reached. Some company directories may or may not require you to add additional information to your listing such as annual sales, certifications, pictures, UID number, date of incorporation and/or more.

The company entry basically consists of a short description of your company and your contact details (NAP data).

NAP data (NAP engl: Name, Address, Phone number) consist of: Company name, address and telephone number and should be included in every entry in company directories the same way. be. This way, search engines like Google, Bing and Co. can identify the different entries as one and the same company.

This Duplicate Content is one of the few exceptions that is tolerated by search engines. Otherwise always try Duplicate Content and write unique, high-quality texts. When describing your business, pay special attention to the fact that you are responsible for each entry its own text write. Of course, this is more time-consuming than copying the same text over and over again, but Google "rewards" you with a better ranking and trust value.

Top 24 business directories in Austria for your company

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Advantages and disadvantages of company directories

Listing your company in various business directories offers you an easy and good opportunity to present your Make company known. You also generate high quality and relevant backlinks at the same time for your SEO strategy and can thus be more present in the organic search results .

Advantages of company directories

  • Potential customers, business partners, or job seekers can inform About companies companies.
  • High quality backlinks lead to a better search engine ranking.
  • The Awareness of your company visibility rises through visibility and dissemination on the Internet.
  • Unwanted competitors are displayed in the search results lined up at the back.
  • Users come quickly to your website or quickly have the opportunity in contact .
  • Better findability through certain Keywords.
  • Different Information Services like Google Alert, RSS Feeds, Newsletter, etc. spread the word about your company on the Internet.

Disadvantages of company directories

Some online business directories and web catalogs have engaged in dubious practices in the past. Entrepreneurs were coerced by link farming, intentionally changed details of the company entries or to conclude an expensive, fee-based contract. Many entrepreneurs were harmed by this behavior. With the Penguin update (2012), Google enables to identify webspam in the SERPs and to prevent manipulation through Blackhat SEO measures in the search results. Thus, Google can penalize websites that use SEO measures that look unnatural.


  • URL Hijacking - The use of redirects (302 redirects include destination URL but actual link is from the redirecting page) can worsen the ranking of your website. Possible solution: contact the webmaster of the page and have the redirect corrected. If this is not possible, you can invalidate the link in Google Search Console (Google Disavow Tool).
  • Paid company directories - Listing your company in such business directories can pay off, as such pages are kept up to date, have a very good authority and ranking. This benefits your website and brings more relevance to your position in search results - the downside is the associated costs.
  • Backlink obligation - Some business directories only offer a linked entry if a backlink is placed on your website to the directory in return. This is not advisable, as you should decide for yourself which pages you want to link to. There is a risk that such pages will negatively affect your ranking in the SERPs and thus your website will lose visibility. However, if the company directory has a good PageRank on Google, then you can definitely consider a backlink exchange. But always keep an eye on the directory to be able to react in time if the site causes problems and loses visibility itself or becomes unserious. Do not get carried away!
  • Timeliness and activity - Some directories are not kept up to date. This can often be the case with free business directories. Therefore, you should look at the activity on the platform at the same time. If the directory is outdated and also has few entries, it is advisable not to leave your entry there (possible consequences: negative influence on the ranking, trust and relevance decreases, warning by search engines). 

8 tips for listings in business directories!

Before you start with the entries of your company, I will give you a few tips so that you are well prepared. Think carefully about which directory pages you want to present your company on and how high your budget should be for any paid entries.

These 8 tips should help you write high quality, relevant business listings, find the right business directories and generate good backlinks:

Tip #1 - Separate mail address

Most free sites require you to register to list your business. Put in advance only for registration a new e-mail address where your confirmation emails and passwords can be sent. You will probably also receive online mail from "friendly" companies. This way, your actual mailbox won't be "spammed" and you'll keep track of everything. When you change your company data, you then have all in one place.

Tip #2 - Pay attention to consistency

If possible, always enter your company data in the same wording or number format in the company directory. This makes your business more reputable and is also a good signal for Google services e.g. Google Local. Information will be matched with company directories and if contradictory information is found, problems may occur when using Google functions. (Display problems of the Local results)

Tip #3 - Take time - all meaningful Use entry options

Depending on the company directory, you can or must include a short and/or long company description with your contact details. But remember your Individualize company names and not use the same text everywhere to use. In some directories you have the possibility to present individual products and link directly to them. Carefully choose the business directories that have the best relevance for your business and make your website more visible in organic search results.
Prepare as accurately and well as possible and allow enough time for your company descriptions. A good entry casts a good light on your company, so high-quality and relevant backlinks are generated.

Tip #4 - Run blog

With your own blog you can keep your customers, business partners or job seekers up to date. Offer there always current topics and information suitable for the company. This "room" is a another opportunity for relevant backlinks that you can control yourself.

Tip #5 - Stay regional

Search company directories from your country or region that also match the content of your industry and website. It makes no sense for a carpentry business to be listed with a food directory. Google values matching and local links more meaningfully and classifies them as higher and more important. This in turn brings your business more visibility and relevance.

Use not only relevant company directories, but also articles or blog posts with links to suitable websites, resource pages or press, magazines and newspapers. These are good options for building quality and relevant backlinks.

Tip #6 - Set social media backlinks

If you have a profile on Facebook, YouTube, Xing, or LinkedIn, backlink to your company website from your social media channel as well. Social media links are evaluated slightly differently by search engines, but they still play an important role.

Tip #7 - Backlinks must be relevant

To make the link relevant, the link text (anchor text) and the content of the linked page must match each other. That is, it should deal with the same topic and be clearly visible where the link leads. Furthermore, the link should be a important Keyword for your linked page. A good combination is the main descriptive keyword together with the company name or brand.

Tip #8 - Timeliness of backlinks

After your entries are created on the various company directories, do not forget to check every now and thenwhether anything has changed. Make yourself a Backlink list with all set backlinks and associated directoriesso that you can keep an overview. This way you can temporarily check your backlinks and directory pages for the current status. Keep your entries and links up to date and check if they still work. No backlink should point to a page that does not exist.

Conclusion company directories

You have learned about the most relevant business directories, you are now informed about advantages and disadvantages and you have received tips to optimize your entries - now you are well prepared to have your company listed in various business directories.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us - as Online marketing agency we support you and your company to set the right links and to bring your website to the front!

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