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With content your target group will be informed, advised and entertained.
Content for websites, newsletters, SEO, social media and more -.
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Much more than simply good texts

Content strategy

With a content strategy perfectly tailored to your company, we create the organizational framework for your content marketing.

Content design

Content is not only text. We also support you in terms of structure and design.

Content creation

Content for SEO, websites, blog, newsletter or social media - we take care of all content creation and planning.

Content Performance

Good content is linked to goals. We check the performance and take care of optimizations.

The content marketing experts of our agency

We speak the language of your target group

Every company has a story. We have made it our business to tell the story of brands. Storytelling is distinctive, moving, and compelling - and essential for a brand. With good storytelling, you reach your target audience on all levels - on your website, through newsletters, to social media and SEO. Content marketing stretches across many channels.

Important here: The common thread that runs through the entire Content strategy must pull. This is the only way to win new customers and strengthen existing customer relationships.

Content strategy
Content strategy is the be-all and end-all of successful content marketing. No strategy means no plan, and no plan means no success. We take your goal in mind and tailor a suitable content marketing concept for your company.
Content audit
Your company already has content, but you are not sure how successful it is? Through a content audit, we review existing content (website, newsletter, blog, social media & more) and plan the necessary measures for optimization.
Content creation
What would content marketing be without content? Of course, as a content marketing agency, we take care of the entire creation of textual content. We take into account the corporate language and the expectations of the target group.
Content design
A great text is good, a matching design cover even better. In addition to text creation, we also advise you in the area of content design for the optimal integration of all created content.
Content Management & Planning
Your company wants regular content (e.g. blogs or social media)? We organize the complete management and organization - so everything runs according to plan and your target group reads from you regularly.
Content Performance & Optimization
Our content marketing team knows that every online marketing measure is linked to goals. That's why, as an agency, we regularly check performance and carry out optimizations to increase visibility.
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Good content inspires your target audience. And the search engine.

SEO and content - they belong together like air and water. Search engine optimization (SEO) deals with the optimization of websites for search engines. Without going into too much detail here, it should be said: An essential part of SEO is the content of a website. These include the text, graphic material and also the structuring. Search engines like Google analyze web pages and thereby recognize the relevance for certain search terms.

Fortunately, we are not only a content marketing agency but also an SEO agency - and can therefore combine both well. Our team from Vienna knows what Google wants to read and what strategy is necessary for this. With our services, we serve companies throughout Austria and beyond. If you want your website to be found on Google page 1, check out our SEO offer.

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Here you can find a selection of our clients that we have already supported with content marketing.

Your content marketing agency from Vienna

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Our services as an agency range from content strategy and content creation to performance measurement. We offer our customers holistic online marketing support - from websites to SEO and SEA to content and social media marketing. Our agency is based in Vienna, but we serve our clients throughout Austria and beyond. As a professional contact we are also happy to give your company more visibility.

Content marketing - what is it actually?

Online Marketing Agency Team-KOMMA99

Content marketing is considered a subset of online marketing and involves the creation, planning, and distribution of relevant and valuable content. The goal of a content strategy is to reach the target group, touch them emotionally and thereby bind them to the brand.

Measures in this area are distributed across several content focuses, such as newsletters, content for websites with or without an SEO focus, or social media content. Often, a content strategy also includes the topic of blogs, which in many cases can have great leverage in the direction of branding. Agencies, such as we are, deal with the editorial planning of the blog, as well as the creation and control of the textual content.

Our team from Vienna has a broad know-how in the field of content creation and planning and accompanies many of our references throughout Austria and beyond in the field of content marketing.