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Content Marketing.
Retain customers.

Don't just tell your story. Tell it emotionally. 

Because then you will be able to bind your target group to your brand.

Emotional storytelling is as much a part of a content strategy in content marketing as big bellies are to rhinos.

As a content marketing agency from Vienna, we plan, create and distribute relevant and valuable content that helps your brand grow. 

Read or click away?

We are inundated with content. If we are not immediately captivated, we quickly click away. We make your content captivating, unique and trustworthy - and make sure your story is heard.

How does that work? Through newsletters, website content with or without an SEO focus, blog posts or even social media content. And above all: with heart and expertise.

Free initial consultation

Are you ready to use content marketing to retain your customers and thereby also Google? Then arrange a free initial consultation now.
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This is what we do as Content marketing agency

Content strategy

The content strategy is the be-all and end-all for successful content marketing. We focus on your goal and create a content strategy that is perfectly tailored to your company.

Content design

Content is not just text. We also support you with the design, structure and integration of all content created. We also take your corporate design into account.

Content creation

Content for SEO, websites, blogs, newsletters or social media (e.g. Facebook) - we take care of all content creation and planning. We take your corporate language and the expectations of your target group into account.

Content performance & optimization

Good content is linked to goals. We check the performance and take care of optimizations. This is how we permanently increase your visibility.

Content management & planning

Do you want regular online content (e.g. blogs or social media) for your company? We take care of all the administration and organization - so users and customers read about you regularly.

Content check

Does your company already have content, but you're not sure how successful it is? Through a content audit, we review existing content (website, newsletter, blog, social media & more) and plan the necessary measures for optimization.

3 factors,
which we always have in mind

To make your content marketing successful, we always have three things in mind for all measures:

Your target group

Who exactly would I reachen?

The format

Social media, newsletter or blog - what is the best way to communicate content?

The platform

Which channel do I use to reach my target group?

Our customers.
Our pride and joy.

That is the team
of our content marketing agency
from Vienna

Good content inspires your target group. And Google.

We've already said a lot about how content marketing can inspire your target group and put your brand in their field of vision. But really good content marketing also convinces search engines like Google.

Happy User ...

Emotional. Captivating. In the gray sea of content that floods us, such texts are the beacon that stands out.

If a user wants to know something, they google it. And they will find you. Your content doesn't just inform, it stands out. This First contact with your company and your brand brings a positive association.

Your brand will already be familiar to him when he later looks for a concrete offer is looking for. And that opens the door for you.

Contents that you can use are

... happy Google

If you use search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize your content not only for users, but also for Google & Co, you win twice.

Because this is how you bring your Texts on page 1 (which is how your customers find you in the first place) and at the same time show Google that you are relevant.

If your content is captivating and your target group engages with it for a long time, this also sends a positive signal. positive signals to the search engine.


Content where SEO can help you are:

Now non-binding offer Request

Do you want content marketing from an agency that really knows its stuff? Do you want a content strategy that will make you unforgettable? Then get in touch and discuss your requirements with us! The initial consultation is of course free of charge and non-binding.

Your content marketing agency from Vienna

Our services as an agency range from content strategy and the creation of compelling top content to performance measurement. We focus on respectful communication and are your partner at eye level. This also means that there are no hidden costs.

Our agency is based in Vienna, but we serve our clients throughout Austria and beyond. As a professional partner, we look forward to giving your company more visibility and new customers.

And for all those who want more than just content: We also offer companies comprehensive online marketing support - from websites, SEO and SEA to content and social media marketing. So that you have everything under one roof!


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