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What is a Cookie Banner?

You've probably come across the statement "Your cookie is baking right now" on the Internet or the classic "This website uses cookies" stumbled upon. Unfortunately, cookies are not cookies with an incredibly delicious filling of chocolate drops (preferably triple chocolate) and a soft core. No, they are small text files that are stored locally on a PC or other device, such as a smartphone, when you visit a website. The message (cookie banner) is so important because such files store information about the user's website visit, such as sub-pages viewed, search term entered or time spent. This data can in turn be used by the website operator to make the customer journey as pleasant as possible and to optimize their own website.


Is a cookie banner mandatory?

YES! The use of cookies (storage of small text files) must be clearly marked at the latest since the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2016. Believe me when I tell you that this alone, however, is not enough: a website operator needs explicit consent from the user in order to read out the data. If the website visitor does not agree, in theory, cookies may not be used. 

In theory. In practice, things look quite different in reality. Many websites still do not use cookie banners - but sooner or later this can lead to unpleasant consequences.


What does a cookie banner look like?

A cookie banner, as the name suggests, often appears as a banner - usually at the top or bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, there are also overlays - these are textual overlays on top of the actual website content. Pretty annoying, but unfortunately required by law.


Cookie banner comma99-k99


Requirements for a GDPR-compliant cookie banner

"Come to the dark side - we have cookies" - there is a serious difference to this statement when it comes to DSGVO-compliant cookie banners: Once you have opted for the dark side, it will be difficult to leave it again (at least we know this from numerous blockbusters), but you can and may subsequently opt out of cookie consent. Specifically, the General Data Protection Regulation requires that consent be obtained in a user-friendly manner and that users must be able to revoke their consent at any time.



Since the entry into force of the GDPR at the latest, every user has already come across numerous websites with cookie notices. While some notices can be ignored because they are placed on the side and do not cover the actual content of the website, many websites literally impose cookie consent on a user by means of an overlay - à la "You can't enter here without consent! 

Numerous websites have already proven that a cookie banner does not have to be annoying. And if you want to know where to find the best Triple Choc Cookie, get in touch!

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