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There are up to 1.7 million Websites alone that are registered in Germany - how can you keep an overview of the good and trustworthy websites? 

The domain authority is a type of rating system that is used in the SEO area is an important key figure and, in a broader sense, also has an influence on the ranking for search engines, such as Google.


What is the Domain Authority?

Not all websites are weighted equally by Google or other search engines - some websites have already built up more "respect and reputation" than other websites. The Domain Authority of a website is calculated with different factors, and says whether the website stands out compared to others in relation to the subject matter. 

The Domain Authority, DA Score or also called Website Authority, refers to the strength and relevance of the website for a certain subject area. This is calculated with a classic point system, whose scale width is 0 - 100. 

However, this is not a generally defined KPI (Key Performance Indicator), depending on the respective used web analytics tool, the calculation works differently. In SEO, the Domain Authority is essential for ranking and any further (marketing) strategy - it is a very lengthy endeavor to increase the DA (Domain Authority) score, as there is only one variable that can be changed -... Backlinks

Backlinks are links that link to your website from a high-quality domain - in short, backlinks are the recommendations of the Internet. If you want to strengthen the website and the trust to Google - you should strongly deal with this SEO pillar and the content.


Domain Authority - Which Metrics are Relevant?

Different companies have different Calculations - however, each metric has a connection to your website's links. Onpage criteria, such as (Keywords-) optimized content and/or high quality content are only conditionally important for the Domain Authority. Because if the content on your website is good, the chances of strong backlinks are good - the other website operators see your good work. 

The focus is on the Backlink Building - High quality backlinks (follow links) strengthen your authority. Therefore, a link audit & a detailed competitor analysis is advantageous.

Domain Authority is important for ranking

Time and again, Google spokespeople deny that authority is related to ranking - yet put Ahrefs as well as Moz establishes a clear link between Google rankings and the DA score. This metric is helpful to estimate the potential for a good ranking and traffic through the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) of Google Search.

Your domain authority is not dependent on your website performance alone.

Since the update at the beginning of 2019, the calculation of Moz of the "DA Score" is based on the predictions of a machine learning algorithm - this simply means that not only a simple calculation refers to your domain alone, but the calculation refers to the entire ratio of the website pool. As a result, the DA Score more often results in fluctuations, as the data pool - including that of your competitor - and thus the entire bill changes.

Domain Authority is not equal to Page Authority

The basis of the calculations is the same. However, Page Authority is considered more of a (comparison) metric when doing research on a keyword in the SERP.


Domain Authority Checker - (Free) Tools

If you move in SEO circles, then MOZ as a company and its web-based search engine optimization software is not unknown. The Domain Authority (DA) Metric is from Moz itself and represents a search engine ranking score. For SEO, this score offers the simple possibility to find out what chances a website has on search engine results pages (SERPs) and for a good ranking. 

To determine the authority of websites, there are now some free tools that you can use.

Moz itself offers the possibility to view the authority of the domains, as well as the page, with the help of a free toolbar in the browser. Likewise, in the same step you can view the title & meta description and check whether they are (keywords) optimized. 

With the Link Research Tool - also a browser plugin, which is often used in SEO circles, you can quickly and easily determine the authority of the domains. The advantage here is that the plugin "Link Research SEO Toolbar" is not only the strength of the entire websitebut also of the individual page, the keywords and the backlinks. 

If you use paid tools as an SEO, such as the Keyword Finder From MangoolsHere, too, you have the possibility to view metrics and adjust the marketing and SEO strategies based on them.

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