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✓  Creation of qualitative content

✓ Definition of the target group

Newsletter creation

✓ Management and tracking

✓ Reporting and follow-up


Email Marketing - What is it?

Roughly speaking, this term covers the sending of newsletters via e-mail to potential customers or existing customers. This spreads the content of the company and the company gains knowledge and visibility online on social media channels such as Facebook, or even on Google.

In combination with a clear layout and valuable, SEO optimized information, email marketing is therefore an important part of the marketing strategy of every company. However, professional email marketing is incredibly extensive.

Content must be created, the email should represent the company in design and attract customers. At the same time, the newsletter must also have a certain added value so that the content is accessed and the company itself gains visibility.

Newsletter Marketing Komma99

This is where a professional email marketing agency comes in, taking care of exactly this extensive maintenance of newsletters and content to generate more revenue for your business in the long run.

A targeted email marketing strategy from our agency Komma99 in Vienna is what you need if you want to take your company's online marketing to the next level. We create your newsletters in the desired design, send them out and create SEO optimized content on request to fill them..

Why email marketing pays off for
your business

Webdesign Online Marketing Agentur

Newsletters are a practical tool to strengthen the bond with the customer in the long term, just like other online platforms social media (Facebook, Instagram,..) or a good SEO strategy for Google.

Through regular communication your company stays in the mind and inspires again and again with optimized content - This increases the visibility of your company in the long term.

The newsletter can of course also be linked to other channels, such as your website or your social media profiles. This way you generate all the more reach and address customers from everywhere - that's the point of good email marketing.

Whatever kind of newsletter and content you want - We support you as an agency and help you to convince your potential customers of you.


Our services
for your e-mail marketing

Newsletter Template Creation

To send newsletters regularly without having to make a big effort each time,
we create templates for newsletters that you can easily fill, according to your wishes.
So you strengthen your branding in the design and create a recognition value.

A good newsletter sent via e-mails remains in the minds of customers.
Therefore, a template is ideal to be able to send at regular intervals as well.

Filling with content

We not only generate a template, but also fill it. Good email marketing
is based on a mix of high quality content and regularity of emails.
When creating content, we pay special attention to a high quality factor

The content must be convincing and communicate information adequately to the target audience.

Detailed reporting

In email marketing, reporting is one of the most important cornerstones. Here we analyze whether the
strategy is working, drawing conclusions about what should be optimized for the future.

We do this reporting as an email marketing agency monthly or quarterly and inform you
how many views and clicks the newsletters have generated,
but also how many unsubscribes there were over time.

And many more

In email marketing, we support them as an agency around your newsletter and the strategy.
We are also always open to all wishes and extensive services. Do you need support in how your customers can register for the newsletter on the website? Here, too, we are at your side as an agency with advice and implementation.

We look forward to your ideas for your personal email marketing strategy and the content
and support you in a successful implementation - Feel free to contact us.


"The Four Seasons"

  • Newsletter Template Creation & Activation
  • Quarterly filling with your content & sending to your mailing list
  • Quarterly evaluation & reporting (opens, clicks, unsubscribe, etc.)

"The full dozen"

  • Newsletter Template Creation & Activation
  • Monthly filling with your content & sending to your mailing list
  • Monthly evaluation & reporting (opens, clicks, unsubscribe, etc.)

The prices listed above are starting prices, an individual offer will be made according to your needs and requirements. 


Plan your email marketing strategy with us and benefit from higher visibility to attract new customers.

Your next steps for successful email marketing

The sooner you start the better! Build a customer base, create content with our help and benefit from gaining new customers and higher visibility on social media channels like Facebook, as well as on Google.

The following steps will lead you to a perfectly implemented
email marketing strategy for your business:


Contact us today to start your email marketing campaign. We will take time for you during the first contact in a detailed initial meeting and support you through our services in the implementation of your wishes for internal marketing.


Immediately following is the creation of a strategy and implementation based on it. We take a lot of time for the planning and creation of the template to create a good basis for the future.
In the process, you will be personally advised by one of our project managers and benefit from our expertise in email marketing, as well as in online marketing (SEO).


After implementation, we will still contact you regularly and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the success of your email marketing strategy with our reporting.
So you always stay up-to-date and can implement optimizations directly.



You are curious and want to benefit from a personalized email marketing for your customers and clients? Let yourself be surprised by the possibilities of online marketing and let's achieve together the following for your company:

✔ More visibility
✔ More customers
✔ More sales