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We are an official Google partner and know exactly what is important for an optimal Google Ads campaign!

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Check the success of your campaigns and uncover potential in a free Google Ads check

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You want perfectly optimized ads campaigns? We offer you the solution!

Running Google Ads campaigns is not as easy as it might seem. Definition of keywords, structure, suitable landing pages and of course Google guidelines - all these factors play a central role when it comes to your ads and advertising on Google. 

This is where we come into play as an online marketing agency. We offer you a free Google Ads check to find out how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. We also offer you a Detailed advice and explain what mistakes have crept in and how you can improve your strategies. Together we will answer your questions so that you can achieve your marketing goals.

Simply get in touch with us. In our check, we uncover hidden optimization potential for your ads (campaign).

With a Google Ads Check to success

As an online marketing agency with a focus on Google Ads, we know exactly what potential Google Advertising has for your success. Why? Because we ourselves have already Successfully managed over 200 advertisements from a wide range of industries have. We have the comprehensive know-how when it comes to advertising on Google.

We have also seen how ads fail because small mistakes are made that have a big impact - and can cause an otherwise very well thought-out campaign to fail. This could have been avoided with a quick Google Ads check.

The art of placing advertisements is to be able to work with targeted and selectively set terms (keywords) found by future customers to become. The target group analysis and definition through the keywords is particularly important here - because if you know who should see your ads, then you can align your marketing strategy, your content and your ads accordingly.

As an online marketing agency, we offer you a free Google Ads Check to uncover the potential of your Ads campaigns. Have your Ads campaign checked by experts and receive detailed advice on possible strategies.

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Receive Google Ads Check

What are you waiting for? Have your ads campaign checked and benefit from more visibility and reach.

Are you ready for your free ads check?

Your Google Ads Check at KOMMA99

At first, the path to successful advertising seems easy - but be careful! Many advertisers burn their money through minimal mistakes and thus miss their targets. We are the right partner for your successful campaigns.

Official Google Partner

We are an official Google Partner. The team at our agency undergoes further training in SEA (Search Engine Advertisement) on an almost daily basis in order to keep you and our other clients up to date with the latest developments in ads, advertising, SEO and other online marketing topics.

Measurable success for your company

One of the biggest levers for optimizing advertisements is measuring them. This is the only way we can find out whether measures have worked and adjust them if necessary.

A wealth of experience

Our agency has successfully supported a large number of SEA clients. That's why we know exactly what is important when it comes to ads. We develop the optimal Google Ads strategy for every industry and every company.

Free Google Ads Check

When we say "free", we mean it. In an initial consultation, we analyze your active ads, advise you on ads strategies and give you tips for your advertising campaign. 

Would you prefer to put your ads in the hands of experienced experts? As a Google Ads agency, we are happy to take over your campaigns and online marketing for you - and make them a success.

Personal advice

At our agency, you will receive individual and personal advice on Google Ads or other online marketing topics. We are happy to share our knowledge with those interested in marketing in order to lead their companies to success.

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Google Ads Check done - And now?

You've done a free check, set about optimizing your campaigns - and now what? When it comes to marketing, the Theory easier than practice. Whether SEO, SEA, content creation or web design - optimizing your online presence is a full-time job. At least if you want to do it right.

That's why we are happy to be there for you as an online marketing agency and continue to support you in all areas of online marketing even after your free Google Ads check. We offer a wide range of services from the most diverse marketing areas to increase the performance of your campaigns.

Our Google Ads experts for your success

We offer you advice and services in all areas of online marketingSEO, content creation, web design, social media marketing, email marketing and relevant tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and much more. For a comprehensive marketing strategy, more visibility, more customers and more sales.


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We place the Focus on the essentials

When it comes to the Google Ads Check, our agency puts one thing first: Your profit.

We make ourselves a exact picture of your industry and your competition and calculate your realistic chances of ranking for relevant keywords. In doing so, we are always keen to to show all possibilities in online marketing and advise you individually: Perhaps Google Ads is not the right marketing channel and you would benefit more from local SEO optimization? Or maybe a combination of SEA and SEO will pay off the most for your company? Even if Google Ads optimization is enough to achieve what you want, we will give you feedback on your marketing potential.

Together we will find a solution, because only one thing counts for us: achieving your goals and the associated economic success, as well as increasing your performance.

As an online marketing agency, we make your success measurable!

Professional Google Ads support

The whole topic of SEA has become a bit much for you after the check and you don't really want to take Google advertising for your company into your own hands? No problem - The Google Ads professionals at our agency will take care of your advertising placements for you. In combination with Google Ads, our agency is also happy to offer other services for your visibility on the web - e.g. SEO, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, web design and much more. 

You will receive detailed advice from us and a monthly report to keep you up to date on your progress and successes. Otherwise you can Sit back and relax as you watch your campaigns succeed.

Google Ads Seminar: Know-how for successful ads campaigns

Do you want to have control over your ads yourself, but need comprehensive training in marketing? In a Google Ads seminar by professionals from our agency, you will learn everything about ads, ad placement, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO and more. In a seminar, we give you the full guide, give you an insight into our tips and tricks and are personally available to answer any questions you may have.

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Interested in a Google Ads seminar with our professionals?


The online marketing agency in Vienna.

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