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Practice is the be-all and end-all in all areas of online marketing. That's why our seminars are very practice-oriented. In our Google Ads workshop, you will learn how to understand and use Google Adwords and Google Analytics using practical examples and hands-on exercises.

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Our Google Ads know-how for your successful campaigns

Do you want to learn how to implement successful Google Ads campaigns? Do you want to know how to create and optimize your own account? Do you want to find the right keywords for your ads and generate customers with Google Ads? Do you want to learn how to use Google Analytics and evaluate your campaigns? Then the KOMMA99 Google Ads seminar is just right for you. 

In our Google Ads workshop, you will learn everything you need to know about Google Ads - including lots of tips and tricks to make your campaign successful. Of course, you will also receive the right tools and training for this in our webinar. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, you'll learn everything you need to know in a seminar at our agency.

Register for a seminar. We'll answer all your questions together!

In each of our Ads seminars you can find out everything you need to know about the following topics:

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Free initial consultation

Would you like to register for a training course? What are you waiting for? Knowledge about Google Ads is just a click away. We look forward to answering your questions in a webinar!

Why you attend a Google Ads seminar at KOMMA99 should visit

Our Adwords seminar offers you everything you need for a successful campaign:

Official Google Partner

Regular product training and certifications ensure that our trainers have the latest knowledge.

Measurable success

By analyzing the most important KPIs and using effective conversion tracking, we teach you how to keep an eye on your results and adjust your ads in a targeted manner.

All campaign types

From search network campaigns, display campaigns, YouTube advertising, remarketing strategies to Google Shopping campaigns - we explain the most important things about each topic to make you successful.

Comprehensive advice

Our focus is not on the implementation of campaigns. From the campaign to the website - we take a holistic view of your business. We are happy to offer you additional services such as SEO, email marketing, social media or web design - or seminars on these topics - to improve your visibility.

Our success stories

As a Google Ads agency, we have already led many companies to success. Here we show you a few examples of what success can look like for you in the future.

More sales through fewer clicks

This case study is about sales achieved by an online store through Google Ads advertising. The sales price of an average product (sanitary facilities) is around €3000 incl. VAT. The average contribution margin is around 50 %. The goal of the assignment was to generate more sales.

We achieved fewer clicks and significantly fewer impressions at almost the same cost. This was due to the fact that we prevented irrelevant advertising.

The result: 

Conversions (measured store sales) have increased by around 75 %, while expenditure per conversion has fallen from an average of € 430 to € 300.

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340 requests for 7177 € advertising budget

This case study is about a service provider from the wedding industry. A successful commission is approximately €500 incl. VAT. On average, every second inquiry results in an order.

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As the client had not previously placed any online advertising, the aim of the assignment was to set up and optimize the search network and display campaigns for the first time.

The result:

Since the start of the collaboration in Q3/2021, a total of around € 85,000 in additional revenue has been generated.

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Free initial consultation

Do you also want such results for your company? Then get in touch and arrange a Google Ads course. With our Google Ads course, you'll learn how to use your budget wisely and benefit from it in the long term! 

Your Google Adwords seminar with the Focus on the essentials

Google Ads seminars are a dime a dozen. But you can get the best Google Ads seminar at KOMMA99. 

At KOMMA99, we are committed to giving you a comprehensive insight into all aspects of Google Ads in our seminar. We will answer all your questions with the help of our years of experience and expertise in the online marketing sector. A Google Ads course with us is not just about placing and managing ads and using your advertising budget correctly. 

We know: Marketing is more successful when different strategies are combined in a coordinated manner. That's why we are available to answer your general marketing questions and are happy to combine different offers to give you the best result.

Do you want SEO support in addition to Google Ads? Do you need a social media presence and want to promote it with Google Ads in the future? Or do you want to learn about all areas of online marketing, such as SEO, ads and websites?

Together we will find a solution. Because only one thing counts for us: achieving your goals and the economic success that comes with it.

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You don't want to take care of the Google Ads campaigns yourself or simply don't have the time and resources? No problem. We would be happy to take over your campaigns for you or help you become successful with other areas of online marketing. Benefit from our services as an online marketing agency for your long-term success!


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