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Google-certified partner

When it comes to Google Shopping, there is no way around Google. To offer you an even better service, we are therefore an official Google Partner. So you can be sure that we regularly undergo further training on Google Shopping and can bring you proven success - because that is a prerequisite for becoming a Google Partner.

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What to successful products in Google Shopping belongs to it

The potential of Google Shopping Ads is almost endless - optimizations online not only bring new customers, but also high sales if they are implemented well. 

That's why we focus on the essential cornerstones of Google Shopping: the data feed, the design of your products and product groups and the right click price bid. 

If the optimization has been carried out in all areas, then nothing stands in the way of your ranking in position 1 online.

No costs without clicks

In Google's online store, you only pay when your potential customer actually clicks on your product - this makes this marketing tool very transparent and gives you security in terms of costs.

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Non-binding offer

Do you want to improve your e-commerce performance? Or starting from scratch with Shopping Ads? Then get in touch with us! We'll talk about your wishes and goals in a free initial consultation.

Our Marketing services as Google Shopping Agency

As part of Google Shopping, we offer the following services to get your product on page one of Google's online store:

Creation & setup of required accounts

Adding your product range to the Merchant Center

Targeted use of tags

Competitor analysis

Keyword research & analysis

Use of keywords in the right places

Content creation (product titles, product texts etc.)

Monthly reporting on campaigns

Personal advice on all aspects of the Google online store

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Your Success is also our success

Google Shopping has become an important topic - because more and more people are buying online. Shopping ads have therefore become increasingly important for many companies and their marketing. However, many people ask themselves the question: "How do I position my online store exactly where people are looking for it?" But you no longer have to ask yourself this question.

The employees of our Google Shopping agency know exactly how to put your offer in the spotlight through ads - i.e. on Google Shopping page 1. With us, you can expect personal advice and strong expertise in campaigns, ads and Google Shopping.

So that your company also wins on Google Shopping.  

But we can do more than just Google Shopping campaigns and e-commerce! We are also happy to offer you other online marketing services. If you need a web store in addition to your online presence, want to place Google Ads ads or need SEO optimization, our agency is here for you. Simply get in touch with our agency.

Our Google Ads experts for your success

Our Google Ads experts are at your side with experience and passion for your success:


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Cooperation at eye level

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, an agency that not only has expertise and skills but is also built on strong values is invaluable.

How does a collaboration work?

Get to know our expertise in person or in a virtual consultation.
Initial interview and planning

In an initial personal meeting, we get to know each other and discuss your expectations and goals. Together we will examine your competitors and then put your strengths in perspective.

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Keyword analysis and structure finding

First, we analyze potential keywords and sort them according to relevance. Then we look at which of these keywords are best suited to the market, the target group and your offer. This analysis results in strategy options that can range from niche placements to a broad-based watering can principle.

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The creation of Google advertising campaigns

We create your Google Adwords advertising campaigns according to the most common best practice methods in order to achieve sustainable success for your company. The creation includes both the textual conceptualization as well as all function settings.

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Feedback & online placement

We will contact you again and go through the proposed texts and settings together in a correction loop. We then switch your Google Ads to "active".

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Analysis, optimization, reporting

From then on, an analysis of the performance and optimization of the Google Adwords campaigns will take place in regularly scheduled process steps. The results achieved are then summarized in a monthly report, interpreted for you by our professionals and sent to you.

And don't worry: Even in between, we don't leave our customers alone. You can contact our Google Ads agency at any time - because we focus on comprehensive, personal support.

Why we are the right Google Shopping agency for you

Reporting & measurable success

The great thing about Google Shopping is that everything that happens around your campaign can be measured (e.g. via Analytics). So you always know exactly which ad is bringing you how much. 

We provide you with all the information you need at a glance in a monthly report.

We monitor your campaign

A campaign that is not analyzed and interpreted is of no use to you. That's why we keep an eye on your ads to constantly adapt them so that they deliver the best results for you.


We know what we are doing because we are at home in the online marketing world. Whether SEO, SEA or Google Shopping - we have at least one professional in the agency team for each of these topics.

Comprehensive advice & support

Do you have questions about your Shopping Ads or want to adjust the budget? Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support and advice.

Window shopping was yesterday
Google Shopping is today

Google Shopping is more or less an extension of Google Ads. You can use the Google Shopping service (online store) to advertise your products directly via Google. If someone searches for a product that you offer on Google using a corresponding keyword, it will be displayed to them. Of course, you have to SEO-optimize it and fill out the data feed conscientiously.

With a click on your product, the person then lands directly in your online store. And that means: marketing goal achieved.

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Therefore companies rely on Google Shopping.

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world - and that explains why so many companies rely on Google Shopping. The Google online store is a powerful tool for making products visible and attracting new customers.

You can also show your products visually here - This makes them stand out from the otherwise text-dominated search.

Free initial consultation

Do you also want to use Google Shopping to sell your products even better online and win new customers? Then get in touch with us and we will discuss your wishes and goals in a free initial consultation.

Why do you need the Support from a Google Adwords agency?

Place an ad with just a few clicks? All you need is knowledge about Google Ads.

Placing an ad with just a few clicks that also brings success? To do this, you need industry knowledge, market know-how and expertise in Google Ads and online marketing - and that's exactly what we bring to the table.

We make sure that your ad is displayed for the keywords (terms) that match your offer and also offer the prospect of success. This is because it is not important to use as many terms as possible, but only those that will lead you to success.

Where your customers find your Google Shopping products

We list your product range for suitable keywords in Google's online store. They can then be found in the classic Google search as well as in Google's image search and shopping search. 

If you also use the search network partners, your products can also be found on Google partner sites. And last but not least, the Google Display Network also offers your company added value, as your product range will then also be found on YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover. 

That's what we call campaign reach, which can never be achieved with a traditional online store!

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Google Display Network

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Google search network

Our Google Shopping agency also maintains the Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center is connected to Shopping Ads like paste to wallpaper. It is the place where the data for your product is uploaded - and is therefore only available for Google Shopping. But don't worry.

Our Google Shopping agency takes care of entering your product range online with all the associated data and having it approved. It is particularly important to enter the right product description, appealing images, the price and the availability of your products in the Merchant Center.

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We make sure that your ads are optimized so that Google and your users can find your offers. and will be thrilled!


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