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Become through SEO in your industry visible

Every industry and every sector is competing for one thing above all else: visibility among the target group. You want to be seen and attract attention in order to generate more customers. As an SEO agency, we support our clients with  Industry SEO, keyword research & Co. to optimize and expand their online presence. For more customers and more sales.
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More visibility for your company

Optimization of local SEO & other marketing measures

Better local discoverability through Google Maps and Google My Business

Increase in inquiries & sales

Continuous support and advice from SEO experts and managers

Our services in the area of Search Engine Optimization for every industry

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer or artist - you want to be number one for your target group! And we know exactly where your target group is searching for your services or products - namely on Google using various search terms (keywords). Through industry SEO, we optimize your website so that potential customers can find you on page 1 of Google for certain keywords. 

Every professional field is unique - which is why we choose an individual approach for each industry. Through a comprehensive analysis, a lot of research and optimal SEO measures, we make you visible in your industry. Whether you need Google My Business optimization, we focus on local SEO together, or you prefer to place advertisements on Google - as an online marketing agency with numerous services in the online marketing sector, we support you!

Why an analysis of your industry for SEO is so important

Industries are very different and require individual SEO strategies. Doctors tend to need local optimization, while artists want to sell all over the world. That is why a detailed research the first step we take. We analyze exactly where we should start in your area and which other companies make up your competition (on Google).

Through a Keyword mapping and a Keyword-research we recognize exactly what your potential customers are looking for. B2B and B2C make a big difference in terms of keywords at this point. If your company addresses other companies, then your target group is most likely smaller and more specific. With B2C, the target group includes a wide variety of people. This needs to be narrowed down. 

Sounds complicated? Don't worry - we'll take care of all the measures and optimizations for you! As an experienced agency with relevant expertise, we will get your company on page 1 of Google and strengthen your branding. We offer a comprehensive catalog of online marketing services for your visibility: search engine optimization (incl. local SEO), Google Ads (SEA), web design, social media, e-commerce, email marketing, content creation and much more.

industries seo komma99

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Our Services for your industry

Do you want more visibility? As an online marketing agency with a focus on SEO and Google Ads, we know the necessary measures for your Visibility and online presence - no matter what industry you belong to and how your business is structured. Our team at KOMMA99 will take care of all the necessary optimizations and create the perfect SEO strategy for your industry:

Research and analysis

Creation of your website and optimization of your online presence

Backlink research & backlink building

Keyword research and keyword mapping for precise targeting

Creation of SEO-optimized texts and content

Optional social media support

Optimization of Google My Business & Local SEO measures

Technical optimization of your website

Large Advantages through successful Branches SEO

More visibility for your website

Through SEO measures, we increase your ranking on Google organically and sustainably. A better ranking therefore also means more visibility, more customers and more sales for your company.

Strengthen your branding

We write texts for the right keywords, design your website and optimize your content so that your website becomes your flagship for your business. Through our measures, we strengthen your branding towards your (new) customers.

Focus on goals and successes

Thanks to our detailed SEO strategy and monthly reports, you are always well informed about the current status of the project. You will also receive updates on successes and goals achieved, but also on changes at Google and other adjustments that we make for you to optimize and maintain your visibility.

KOMMA99 - Your agency for industry SEO

As an online marketing agency with a focus on SEO and Google Ads, we are professionals in optimizing websites and online stores. Our goal is to help companies become visible online and thus generate more inquiries and more sales. Our marketing managers give 100 % for your marketing success.

The focus is on comprehensive advice and the creation of a long-term online marketing strategy. We not only offer optimization and consulting for your industry, but also provide support in other areas of online marketing such as SEO, Google Ads, social media or web design. 

Curious about the other services our agency offers? Get in touch with us and we'll tell you more about your options and how you can benefit from us!

The basis for your industry SEO - 4 SEO pillars

Regardless of the industry, we always consider these four pillars for a successful marketing strategy:


Our agency optimizes your website or online store to make it more user-friendly and to ensure that it meets Google's standards. We improve the loading time, ensure mobile optimization and eliminate technical deficits. We use CMS WordPress for this - we have competent partners at our side for other website systems.


Content is not just text. By content, we mean everything visible on your site, from the SERP snippet and the actual text to the headline structure, photos and videos. In terms of content, we take many different factors into account in order to build long-term visibility for Google. The content strategy is based on keywords related to your professional field and your individual branding.


The web design makes the website - we take care of a target group-oriented web design so that your website is user-friendly and attractive. We combine your ideas with the needs of your target group and the requirements of Google. After all, technical optimization and good content are not enough if the web design is not coherent.


Building backlinks is part of off-page SEO. The focus here is on the Establishing links of the own website with other relevant websites. If high-quality backlinks are built up, the relevance of the website for Google increases. The more quality backlinks a website has, the more likely it is to generate a good ranking.

KOMMA99 - Your online marketing agency

As an online marketing agency, we bring you closer to your customers and help you advance in your professional field. Our aim is to position your website in search engines (e.g. Google) in such a way that inquiries and sales are multiplied via the website. 

We focus on comprehensive and sustainable consulting as well as on the creation of individualized solutions. SEO or Google Ads strategies as well as social media or web design. Our conviction: Every company is unique and needs an individual marketing strategy for maximum success.
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