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Test, experience and explanation of the keyword research tool KWFinder

Are you looking for a keyword research tool and don't know which one fits your needs? In this guide we will introduce you to the keyword research tool from Mangools - KWFinder.

Why do you need a keyword research tool?

If you want to start with the content search engine optimization (SEO), you need keywords on which you focus with your website. Only in this way can you find out which search terms (keywords) are relevant to your website and industry and for which you want to rank. You can find a comprehensive explanation of keyword research in another blog article here.

What is a keyword?

The term Keyword (translated search term) is used in the field of online marketing and is the cornerstone for successful, content-based search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA). A keyword is the search term that users enter within a search engine, such as Google, to find corresponding results. A keyword does not necessarily have to consist of one word, but can also include an entire phrase. A distinction is made between short-tail keywords (e.g. buy pants) and long-tail keywords, i.e. long keyword phrases (e.g. buy gray pants with stripes size 38).

The question you need to ask yourself is, "What keywords do I want my website to be found under?" and "How useful is it to be found under these keywords?". To answer these questions, keyword research tools, such as KWFinder from Mangools, can help you.

What is the KWFinder from Mangools?

KWFinder by Mangools is a paid online keyword research tool. It supports in the online marketing areas SEO and SEA to find suitable keywords. Other tools, such as the Google AdWords Keywordplanner, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest are also keyword tools. In this article we will show you exactly why the KWFinder from Mangools is our clear favorite.
Mangools is a Slovak SEO tool provider that offers not only KWFinder, but also some other useful tools for your successful SEO future:

  • KWFinder (Keyword Research)
  • SERPChecker (SERP Analysis)
  • SERPWatcher (Rank Tracking)
  • LinkMiner (Backlink Analysis)
  • SiteProfiler (SEO metrics & Insights)
kwfinder Mangools

How much does the KWFinder from Mangools cost?

Good keyword research tools are rarely free - so is KWFinder from Mangools. The prices vary, depending on your needs. Of course, the prices also include the other tools from Mangools (SERPChecker, LinkMiner, etc.).
The prices per month for the different packages:

kwfinder Mangools prices


  • Mangools Basic package (cost of €49/month): 100 keyword researches, 200 suggestions for other keywords and much more.
  • Mangools Premium Package (cost of €69/month): 500 keyword researches, 700 suggestions for other keywords and much more.
  • Mangools Agency package (cost of €129/month): 1200 keyword researches, 700 suggestions for other keywords and much more.

If the costs are paid annually, 40% can be saved:

kwfinder Mangools Prices 2

Which package you choose depends on how intensively you want to deal with the topic of keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) in general. If you only want to use KWFinder for your own project, we recommend starting with the Basic package. For an agency that serves several clients, the Premium and Agency packages may be more suitable.


KWFinder - The multiple functions of the keyword finder

There are two different approaches to getting the most out of this tool: A keyword research and a keyword analysis. First of all, you can think about suitable keywords and research the relevance or you can start an analysis of an already existing website and see under which search terms the website is already found.

Keyword research based on a keyword 

In-depth keyword research is essential for any SEO strategy and is part of the 1×1 of search engine advertising (SEA).
The KWFinder from Mangools is more versatile than the first glance suggests, because with the help of this tool you can pull more from three different sources with a chosen keyword:

  1. Related keywords 
  2. Autocomplete
  3. Questions

The Related keywords are based on the KWFinder database from Mangools itself, while the Autocomplete and Question view data come from the Google Suggest algorithm and are to be seen as an extension - they show possibilities.

kwfinder example comma99

The result is automatically displayed with the related keywords view and shows all keywords that are associated with the selected search term.
However, you must not disregard the two other functions. "Autocomplete" means that keywords are displayed that extend or automatically complete the word you entered yourself. This feature can be compared to Google - you start typing a search term into the search bar and Google makes automatic suggestions to suggest what you might mean. The Question view shows what questions are asked with the search term.

Keyword - Analysis on the basis of a domain

This function has different advantages. On the one hand, you can find out your own position in the Google ranking and on the other hand that of the competition. It is important that you can also see with which keywords you are found, which can result in a new SEO strategy. You can focus more on a certain keyword to achieve a better positioning or move away from keywords that do not fit.
To do this, we switch to the Search by Domain view, enter the desired domain in the Search bar and select the correct country.

kwfinder selection country comma99

The result is divided into two categories and shown in two different views, between which you can switch:

    • Organic keywords
    • Paid Keywords

Organic keywords are the search terms that the user enters into the Google search bar. In the Paid Keywords view, you will find those terms that have to be paid for, i.e. those that are used for Google Ads campaigns.

Depending on your entry, KWFinder will also provide you with suggestions for other similar domains, giving you the opportunity to find other possible competitors.

First steps 

At https://app.kwfinder.com/ a window opens with the different tools Mangools offers, on the first position you will find the KWFinder - you are already on the start page. In the top right corner you will find the "Sign in" button and with your access data you will enter the full menu of KWFinder. Here you can decide which type of search you want to start, "Search by Keyword" or "Search by Domain". (More about this in the next section.)

kwfinder filter comma99

If you want to know how often a word is searched for, so that you can pay attention to it in further SEO steps, it is important to enter the right parameters. It depends on your product or service itself - if it is local, then you may only be interested in the search volume in your particular area (and in the case of keyword search, also the language).

Info icon comma99 Google and KWFinder do not care about the upper and lower case of the keywords.


kwfinder example comma99

On the left side you will see a lot of keywords with a small overview of data and on the right side you will see the concrete data for the marked keyword (marked in blue).


Detailed information about keywords 

Depending on whether you have chosen keyword research or keyword analysis, metrics with different information are also revealed for the keywords.

Keyword metrics and their meaning at a glance

1. Only when searching with the keyword

  • The trend displays an overview of the last 12 months and the development of the search term.

2. Only when searching for the domain

  • POS stands for positioning and shows you the highest position in Google's ranking.
  • The value EV (Estimated Visits) estimates the monthly number of visitors to this website.

3. With both types of search

  • Search shows the average search volume of the last 12 months. If you are interested in a different period, move the mouse over this value and you can switch between the average value of search volume of 3.6 and 12 months.
  • The CPC (cost per click) gives you information about the cost per click and is important in SEA, such as Google Ads.
  • The PPC (pay per click) refers to the competitiveness in the Google Ads.
  • The KD (keyword difficult) shows the difficulty of the keywords.
Info icon comma99 If you move the computer mouse over a certain value, a short description of it will appear.

SERP Overview - Meaning and Metrics

SERP analysis is an essential cornerstone for keyword research. SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the term used to describe the pages that appear as the result of a search query in search engines such as Google. Once you have decided on a specific keyword, you can look at the right side of the interface using the SERP Overview capture an overview of the competition. Here, too, there are key figures that support you in assessing the situation with regard to the competitors.

SERP metrics at a glance and the meaning

  • The DA (Domain Authority) indicates how the domain itself is ranked compared to the others - The scale here moves from 0-100.
  • PA (Page Authority) shows how the particular page itself is ranked in comparison to the others.
  • On the basis of the number of backlinks, the CF value (Citation Flow) is determined and indicates how influential the URL is.
  • Based on the quality of the backlinks the TF value (Trust Flow) is calculated and says something about the trustworthiness of this website.
  • The value of the links indicates the external authority-passing links to the URL..
  • The number of Facebook shares is displayed in the FB value.
  • LPS (Link Profile Strength) is Magools' estimate of how hard it is to get to that position.
  • The EV value (Estimated Visits) shows as already mentioned above, the estimate of the monthly visitors.

The SERP Checker tool from Mangools thus analyzes 45 SEO metrics for just one URL.


Use the filter

Using the filters correctly can save you a lot of time, so it is important not to disregard them. The simplest method is to click on the arrows of the desired metrics and create a new order. Thus, you can increase from the smallest value to the highest value, or vice versa.

kwfinder Filter Austria Komma99

If you want to make more specific search queries, KWFinder offers the possibility to narrow down the metrics or to set additional filters. This gives you, for example, the option to find keywords with a low search volume and try to score with these keywords.
But it can also work in the other direction, if you don't have a clear idea of the keywords you want to use. Then you can also vary the values of the filter to generate new suggestions with different search volumes through KWFinder.
If you want to associate a keyword with a specific word, then you can enter this when expanding the filter to get the desired result. But in the same way, you can also exclude certain words - so with the KWTool Mangools a lot is possible.

kwfinder filter detail comma99

Keyword Lists - Create, Edit & the Export

Have you found a keyword and want to create a list or add to a collection, then you simply mark the keyword and click on the button "Add to list", which is located in the middle below.

kwfinder lists comma99

A new window will open and you can either add the selected keywords to an existing list or create a whole new list. To view the entire lists, click on the "List" button in the menu bar at the top left, where the same screen will appear as before. All keywords are collected here and you can view the entire, detailed informationlike the search volume etc. again look at. Here you can also remove search terms that do not fit.

kwfinder add keyword comma99
kwfinder export list comma99

If you finally want to make an export of your list to further edit the keywords, select the desired keywords and click on Export - The button is located right next to the "Add to List" button.


Info icon comma99 Don't be alarmed! The Excel file is unfortunately completely unformatted and looks like an absolute mess. But under the window "File" you can find the button "Separate text into columns" - So you can create yourself a clear table.

Import already collected keywords

Have you already created an SEO strategy and keywords file and just want to know the keyword metrics for those keywords? Then you have the option under the menu item "Import" to upload this list or to enter it manually in a window further down.

kwfinder import lists comma99

KWFinder - Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

✔ Suggestions for keywords and long-tail keywords
✔ Very good price-performance ratio
✔ User-friendly interface
✔ SERP analysis
✔ Competitor comparison
✔ CSV export of the result
✔ Import function

Daily limited searches in the Basic package

✗ No flexibility of limit (instead of 100 per day, prefer 700 per week)

✗High price with monthly billing

✗No free and limited version

KWFinder - Support 

In case of any difficulties or unanswered questions, the provider offers you a detailed FAQ on its website. If you still can't find the solution, you can also contact the support - there are the two options for that:
On the one hand you have the possibility to send a mail to [email protected] or you can contact one of our employees directly via Live Chat (you can find this under https://mangools.com/contact).
However, Mangools is also represented on classic social media such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.


KWFinder - Conclusion

The KWFinder scores as an SEO tool with a clear and user-friendly user interface and with a good price-performance ratio, even if the search queries in the basic package are limited. In addition to the metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty and cost per click, one has the SERP overview for each search term and can thus quickly identify the competition. The KWFinder announces a variety of data that are very useful for successful SEO strategies and content mapping - Therefore, the KWFinder should not be missing in any SEO toolbox.


Alternatives - free & paid

Are you looking for a free alternative to optimize your content mapping, then we can recommend the following providers:

  • UberSuggest - This is a paid tool, which also has a free version.
  • AnswerThePublic - AnswerThePublic is a tool that has its website as a base. This means that you do not have to install any software to use it. There is also a free version here, but it hardly provides any details about the individual search terms. (Find out more here)
  • Ahrefs - This is a more expensive tool, but it scores with additional features. Whether the features are worth the cost, everyone must decide for themselves.
  • Worktracker - This keyword tool is necessary in online marketing for keyword research and also has a free and paid version.
Info icon comma99 But it is clear: Whoever saves costs must also expect that functions will be saved in the process.


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