Landing page

The landing page is the flagship of any good website.

Definition and benefits of a landing page

A landing page is the page to which a user arrives, for example, via a search engine, a banner or a link.

The great benefit is that the focus through the design of the landing page is on a specific offer, without distraction from other products or content that was not asked. You want to give the user exactly what they are looking for on the landing page. The landing page is designed to move the visitor to a targeted action. It is normally not accessible via the navigation menu of the website and works completely alone. The landing page is not only used to distribute specific information and products, you can also convey contact details or other information about them.

Let's summarize:

In the best case, a landing page offers exactly the information that the user was looking for, thus the user's interest in the product or service is strengthened by the landing page. The visitor finds the right products or information faster and easier.


What are the goals of a landing page?

Mostly potential customers land on landing pages via various advertisements, ads, links, elements or search results - Normally, because the customer has a specific need or goal. The goal is thus to satisfy the visitor by delivering exactly this content or the desired product and thus giving an impulse to interact or strengthening it. Very common reasons why users visit a landing page would be for example: Getting information, buying products, registering for a community, service or similar and requesting offers for products or services.

Landing pages always serve marketing purposes, so for internal marketing should be clearly defined target audience in advance and the page should be an exact answer to the need of these people. 

Because this is the only way to achieve the goals:

  • More traffic: If landing pages and their design elements are well made, they will rank better in search engines, thereby increasing the possibility to be found as a company.
  • More Leads: The more landing pages your business has, the more leads you get - Simple.
  • More Sales: Customers come directly to a page that is designed only for the product they want to buy, thereby increasing interest in the company and the desire to buy.


Landing page optimization

Optimization is improving the conversion rate or reducing the bounce rate. To achieve this, various elements are adapted in online marketing.

Content and structure

The page should convey the desired content in a clear manner and be very clear in the design of the elements. The landing page is optimized either on an advertising message or on specific keywords, which can be oriented to AdWords campaigns. These keywords should be included in the content and headlines, so that search engines recognize the relevance.

Definition of the target

Should it be an opt-in or a click-through landing page? An opt-in landing page is a page that focuses on collecting contact information, for example via an input form to a newsletter, as a call-to-action. A click-through landing page, on the other hand, is designed to arouse interest in a potential customer, in order to then, with the help of a button, lead him further through the sales funnel - choose, depending on what goals you are pursuing with your online marketing.

A/B testing

It is recommended to always test landing pages in advance, this can be done using A/B testing. For this procedure, two different landing pages are created with the same goal, half of the visitors are referred to one website and the other half to the other website.


In most cases, marketing relies on an "aha effect" by trying to inspire the user and animate him to emotionally engage with the product/content. Then follows on the pages of the "Call to Action" to achieve a lead or even a conversion by the user.


Conclusion: Landing pages should be well thought out

Good landing pages are very important for companies in online marketing, as they provide more traffic, leads, sales and therefore simply more customers.

It is recommended to have as many landing pages as possible, because so can be something suitable for each visitor. Since each landing page focuses only on one topic or product, you can generate the most leads this way. A landing page should also continuously improved and adapted be, so that they continue to meet the goal - the conversion.

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