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Strengthen your own website in the long term with successful link building

Link building (link building) or also Backlinkbuilding called, is one of many methods in the SEO field, to Make websites or webshops appear more relevant to Google. This is one of many off-page optimizations, in the course of which site links are included on other known websites that lead to your website.

It should be noted that not every website is eligible, as they must meet different criteria. For example, how long has the target domain already existed or is the target domain possibly on a blacklist? These two questions already have a considerable influence on whether this backlink achieves the desired effect. But more about that later.

The goal of this off-page optimization is to generate many site links and thus signal to search engines that you have a relevant website that is worth a good ranking.


What is a backlink?

Basically a Backlink a visible and clickable link on a web page. Like all links, these are created using HTML <a> day or also in combination with image <img>The only exception is that you have to make sure that the link is crawlable by search engines. This means that these links are not provided with a nofollow attribute.

A backlink is unfortunately disadvantageous for link building if it is set to nofollow, because the search engines skip it as soon as the crawler comes across it on a website. However, it is not bad because potential users can still generate traffic on your website if they click on the backlink.


As soon as you deposit your backlink with a website to strengthen your website, you should always make sure that it does not have a nofollow attribute!


Which websites are not suitable for link building?

Of course, not every website is suitable for link building. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to generate a meaningful backlink.

For example, make sure that the selected website is not blacklisted and that it has enough power and trust.

In addition, there are also "providers" on the net where backlinks can be purchased. But these are To be strictly avoidedsince purchased backlinks Very harmful for the own website are.

Below we explain in more detail what you need to look for when choosing backlinks.


Blacklist? Power? Trust? Purchased backlinks?

There are, as already mentioned, websites that are not suitable for link building.


Blacklisted websites are sites that have been penalized in some way because they handle dubious content, or have caught the attention of search engines by acting in a way that is "not correct".

With such sites, backlinks are crawled, but as soon as a search engine stumbles upon a link, it is marked as "unserious", which in turn leads to damage to the trust of your own domain - very bad if you want to do effective link building.


Trust is assigned at the domain level. This trust value is assessed by the search engines on the basis of domain age, number of daily users of a website and awareness. If, for example, you choose a new website for link building, you will not be successful.

Pages that generate almost no traffic and are very rarely visited are thus unattractive for effective link building, as it does not lead to any trust increase of its own.

Backlink Power

This indicates how "strong" a page is in link building. This value is based on existing backlinks of the target website. The more it has, the higher this power is. However, it must be mentioned that power is not everything - if the ratio of trust and power is not in balance, then it could well happen that Google starts to penalize one's own website here, as there is apparently a manipulation.

Purchased backlinks

As mentioned, Google goes hard with manipulations against websites. These are triggered, for example, by purchased backlinks - power much higher than trust. These are websites where you buy your backlink and then it is included in any website, and you yourself do not know which website it is.

This can cause significant and permanent damage to the trust value of a domain, which is very difficult to repair - stay away from such offers, even if they sound very tempting at first sight.


Which websites are suitable for link building?

Websites that are online for a long time and successfully offer the best opportunity to strengthen its own site. Here, websites are preferred that have a good balance between power and trust and of course match the content of one's own website - Google tries to recognize connections between websites.

One example: A web store for car parts, would like to deposit a backlink on a website of a doctor, because he is very well positioned on Google. Google crawls these pages and recognizes that they are different content, which has nothing to do with each other. Thus, it may even happen that the Google algorithm concludes that there has been a manipulation, and this in turn leads to a penalty.

If possible, the targeted website should always be an abstraction of the topic that you also offer or it should be related in some way.

For starters: There is nothing wrong with listing a new website in various business directories to start link building. See also our blogarticle Company directories and Business directories.

After that, however, you should start searching and selecting which websites might be suitable for you.


Placement of the links

The evaluation of the backlinks is also evaluated based on the position on a page. This means that if, for example, your own backlink is included in the header of the target website, it will have a higher relevance than if this link were placed in the footer. 

The type of link also differs in link building - if the backlink is deposited as an image, then this also has a different value than a backlink with text. If an image is used, then the alt tag is also an evaluation basis for the Google algorithms.


Link Building Conclusion

If you want to do effective link building for your website, then you should consider a few factors. 

For the first time, you can subscribe to a wide variety of business directories and company directories - but in your further search for backlinks, you should consider a few factors. Both the placement of the links and the power trust value of the websites that link to yours are crucial for your future ranking. 

Overall, link building or backlink building is very costly, but definitely pays off in the field of search engine optimization! If you need help with your backlink building, we as an online marketing agency are here for you.


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