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Local SEO strategy

Every company is unique. It needs an individual marketing strategy to achieve business goals. As an online marketing agency, we create a marketing strategy that is perfectly tailored to your company. local SEO strategy and carry out all necessary optimization measures.

For more visibility in your immediate surroundings.
For more customers and more sales.

SEO website content

If you want to appeal to a target group in the local area, your website must also be convincing. The content on the website must meet the User expectations and provide clear information about the services and offer.

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Google My Business Optimization

Setting up and optimizing your Google My Business profile is probably the most Most important measure for local search engine optimization.

A perfectly optimized profile makes your company Google Maps - and thus regionally - visible. We optimize your profile including updating all content and managing the ratings.

Personal all-round support

We advise and support our customers in all areas of online marketing. With us, you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna). We would be happy to inform you about our services for your comprehensive marketing campaign: SEO, social media, Google Ads, web design & more!

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Strengthen the relationship with you customers through Local SEO to more regional customers

Visibility is the most important thing for generating customers. 

For companies that offer their services at a specific location, it is particularly important to address regional customers and be found locally. 

Your target groups are in the immediate vicinity - in the city, the federal state or the region around the location. 

But how does the target group find the company?

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With local SEO, you can become the number 1 in your area and generate more regional customers. Search engine optimization brings more potential customers and clients to your website. 


The Google My Business Optimization ensures that your company is regionally visible online in Google searches. If users enter search queries in connection with in a certain environment, your Google My Business entry will be displayed in the search results. Perfect for companies whose target group is directly at the location! Your customers can also find their way to you directly thanks to the location shown in Google Maps.

As an online marketing agency, we offer you various SEO strategies and services as part of local search engine optimization. For example, we optimize the content of your website, activate Google Ads and manage your social media channels. Get in touch and describe your ideas - we will be happy to tell you more about our services and your benefits!


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"Restaurants near me?"

Not only restaurants, but also hotels and body-related service providers are searched for online in the surrounding area. Why? Because searchers want to find a suitable store in their area quickly. 

Search queries with a focus on a specific region have always existed. The advantage for companies is that Google is getting better and better at displaying these for the target group. Google Maps is the best example of this. Google Street View, numerous photos, reviews and personal recommendations allow users to "feel" the atmosphere of a particular place. 

This is exactly where we come in as an online marketing agency. We optimize your online presence so that you become visible to your target group, stand out from your competitors and generate new customers.

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What is a local search query?

A local search is a search for a service in the immediate vicinity. Local search queries are for example:

  • Catering Vienna
  • Hairdresser Berlin Mitte
  • Italian Restaurant Linz
  • Massage Koblenz

Local searches therefore include search queries that are expanded with a specific location. And let's not forget personalized searches: search engines such as Google recognize where users are located. This means that even for normal search queries such as "cafe breakfast", coffee houses in the vicinity that offer breakfast are displayed. 

This is where the clear advantage of local SEO for companies becomes apparent: If the right information is provided online, the chances of being easy to find online are high. 

What do we do as Local SEO agency?

As a local SEO agency, we help companies to become - and remain - visible in local search results. SEO (search engine optimization) is not a sprint, but a marathon. You have to keep at it to achieve sustainable success.

Specifically, as a marketing agency, we support our clients and customers with local SEO collaboration in the following areas:

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Local keyword research

To determine under which search queries a company should be positioned, we carry out local keyword research in the first step of the marketing strategy. This means that we research under which search terms a positioning would make sense. 

The definition of so-called "focus keywords" is the basis for local search engine optimization.

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Google My Business Optimization

We optimize existing Google My Business profiles or create completely new optimized profiles. Google My Business optimization is one of the most important measures for local SEO. This includes content (title, information, description text, etc.), photos and other media such as videos or infographics. 

Reviews and their management are particularly important for further Google My Business maintenance.

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Creation of local landing pages

Landing pages are target pages on a website that are intended to reach a specific target group. Such landing pages are developed with a focus on predefined keywords (search terms). 

Landing pages are not only used for local SEO, but also for Google Ads or social ads. Paid advertisements (ads) address a specific target group that can be reached with such landing pages.

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Local backlinks

SEO (search engine optimization) does not only take place in the Google My Business area and on the website. Off-page optimization involves building links to other websites. These links are referred to as backlinks and convey authority and relevance signals to Google. This makes your own website stronger and benefits from the backlinks to other websites. 

Local backlinks are placed in local directories or local blogs, for example. 


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As an SEO agency, we don't just focus on local SEO

Local SEO is only a small part of SEO (search engine optimization). We support our clients in the entire field of search engine marketing. From SEO to Google Ads, as an agency we support companies in becoming visible online. We focus primarily on strategy, implementing the necessary marketing measures and monitoring success.

The use of analytical tools such as Google Analytics is necessary to measure KPIs and analyze defined marketing goals. Only through these analytics tools can we analyze whether defined goals could be achieved. In addition, by looking at a large amount of data, we can recognize which further SEO or marketing measures are necessary.

In addition to SEO and SEA, our online marketing agency also specializes in Webdesign, social media and E-commerce. Your online presence is in the best hands with us!

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