Glossary entry: Organic search

What is organic search & how do I recognize organic results?

Among the most used search engines is Google and therefore any strategy in marketing, which includes search engine optimization (SEO), is also adapted to Google.

The organic search query is the classic query in the Google Search bar and the associated "natural" results that cannot be influenced by targeted web placements. The position of each web page depends on ranking factors of the respective search engine and can be influenced by search engine optimization. 

The results of the organic search or also called SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) are those that are marked with no additional text "Advertisement". (Kept in black)


What other types of results are there? 

In addition to the organic search results, there are other types. Here distinguishes between the paid search results and search results provided by Google to achieve a higher benefit factor for the user. 

  • Google Ads Text Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Maps results
  • Advanced user questions
  • Info Preview
  • Headlines

The paid search results are the Google Ads, the advertising on Google, which are marked with "ad" - here there is the classic Google text ad or the Google Shopping ads. The text ads can be found at the top of the search or again at the bottom and in between are the results of the organic search query. Shopping ads is located above the ads or to the right and display product images and related snippets of various websites. These types of results are displayed for transaction-oriented search queries and are extremely relevant in the field of SEA. 

The Google Maps results are generated by Google itself in addition, should be suitable for the search query stores or places nearby - This is to increase usability. 

For a purely information-oriented search query, no ads appear, but the Info preview is displayed and additionally further questions that other users have asked and could also be interesting for the user. In addition, the appropriate answers are also presented.

The mapping corresponds to a mixed search intent and thus all types of search results are included in it:

Organic Search SEO


Why is SEO important for organic search results?

To influence the ranking of a website in the SERP and be as far ahead as possible is the great goal of search engine optimization. In addition, the desired keywords should be ranked at the very front - In SEO circles, the second page is also often referred to as the "dead" page. 

SEO deals with the creation and implementation of strategies to better position websites. There are many measures and starting points that are relevant here. Simply represented, one can distinguish between the OnPage and OffPage optimization.

How the algorithm of search engines works, no one knows 100% - but some factors are known, such as: 

  • Link profile
  • Click rate
  • Usability
  • Page Speed

But SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon

You have to constantly be on the ball to stay competitive in the long run. 


What are the advantages of a good positioning of a website in organic search?

Many users skip Google ads without taking a look - they don't want to receive paid advertising. Therefore, a good positioning in the organic search is all the more important - These appear authentic to the user and thus more trustworthy. For the generation of the highest possible quality and target group-oriented traffic, the correct positioning of a website on certain Keywords essential. 

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