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We optimize your SEO website for Lower Austria

With SEO to more inquiries and sales via the website

SEO concept

We create a long-term SEO strategy for your company's online performance.

SEO optimization

We optimize your website or webshop technically and in terms of content.

SEO texts

 If you want SEO, there's no getting around SEO texts. We write SEO texts that your customers - and the search engine - love.

SEO support

The SEO experts at our agency provide you with long-term support and advice. We always have the goal in mind and work with you to achieve it.

Our by SEO experts for Lower Austria

FREE initial consultation

Do you want to let search engines and users know that you exist through SEO? Then arrange a free initial consultation and discuss your digital project with us!

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SEO support for companies in Vienna & Lower Austria

Contact & Initial Consultation

We get to know each other in a personal initial meeting and discuss your expectations and goals. We will then start the search engine optimization project and find the best strategy for you. Our contacts for Lower Austria & Vienna have experience in the region and can assess whether SEO can work for your business and which other marketing measures - e.g. SEA (Google Ads), web design, social media support, etc. - also make sense for you.


SEO Concept & Planning

The SEO strategy is the first important step for successful search engine optimization. It gives us orientation for long-term SEO work - because search engine optimization is not a sprint, but a marathon. We can say from experience: the more detailed projects are planned, the more successful they will be.


website development

We have your goal firmly in mind and implement all on-page and off-page SEO measures so that this goal can be achieved. This includes optimizing SEO technology, creating SEO content focused on keywords, building backlinks and optimizing your WordPress website and web design. The aim of the measures is always to generate a good ranking for your website for certain keywords.


Feedback & online walk

The effectiveness of every online marketing measure implemented must be reviewed. Monthly SEO reports give you an overview of the facts, figures and data. We take a look at the ranking development and analytical values. Through these analyses, we can not only identify what is working well, but also find out what further measures are necessary. We also explain our approach in detail. If you would like to find out more about search engine optimization, we also offer courses where we can answer all your questions.


And then SEO is finished? No!
Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Search engine optimization must be seen as a cycle that starts all over again. An SEO collaboration should therefore be calculated for at least 12 months.

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SEO services for Lower Austria
at a glance

SEO consulting

Our SEO services
for Vienna and Lower Austria
at a glance.

SEO courses and workshops

SEO workshops or courses such as Introduction to SEO, Online Marketing or the CMS WordPress.


Technical optimization of websites and online stores in CMS WordPress.


Optimization or creation of your modern WordPress website.

SEO texts

Creation of optimized SEO texts.

Keyword research

Research which keywords make sense for your SEO goals.

Keyword Mapping

Link relevant keywords to existing or new landing pages.


Regular monitoring of performance and ranking status.


Monthly comprehensive SEO reporting with all important key figures.

Free SEO consultation
for companies in Lower Austria
& Vienna

Not sure whether you can achieve success with SEO? Then send us your website and we will give you a realistic assessment of your options.

If SEO is not the right thing for you, we can also support you in the areas of SEA (Google Ads), social media support, newsletter marketing, content creation and web design.

The 4 SEO pillars

In our agency, the following four pillars are taken into account when planning an SEO marketing strategy for a company.


When we talk about the technical optimization of a website or an online store for search engines, the Improvement of the loading time, mobile optimization and the elimination of technical deficits the focus.

We implement technical measures in the CMS WordPress ourselves, for other website systems we cooperate with partners.


SEO content is not just text. SEO content refers to the overall content of a website, from SERP snippet over headline structure to actual text and also alt texts (images SEO).. A lot needs to be considered in terms of content in order to build long-term visibility in search engines such as Google.

A precisely planned digital content strategy and a targeted keyword focus are the be-all and end-all of any SEO marketing concept.


Without a target group oriented web design a website cannot be found successfully. It's about understanding the customer and responding perfectly to the customer's wishes - and therefore Google's wishes - in the web design.

Technical optimization and suitable content are not enough if the website is not designed in an appealing and target group-oriented way. We create and work exclusively with WordPress websites. If your website is not created using the WordPress CMS, we work with partners to support you.


The building of backlinks is in the area of offpage SEO. Here the focus is on the Creating links to your own website with other relevant websites. If high-quality backlinks are built up, the relevance of the website for Google increases -

In short: The more quality backlinks a website has, the more likely it is to generate a good ranking.




Your SEO Agency for Lower Austria & Vienna

The agency KOMMA99 stands for qualitative and reliable SEO support, consulting and management. We advise you in all areas - from on-page to off-page SEO.

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Strategy & Planning

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Measures from technology to content to backlink building

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Personal support and advice from SEO experts

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Success control and reporting

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Contact persons from Lower Austria & Vienna with experience in the region

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Contact persons from Lower Austria & Vienna with experience in the region

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Training or courses on SEO-relevant topics

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On request also SEA (Google Ads), social media support, web design and more.

SEO - What is that actually?

SEO is a sub-area of online marketing and is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. The two sub-areas of search engine marketing (SEM) are SEO on the one hand and SEA (Google Ads) on the other.

SEO is also divided into on-page and off-page SEO. As an online marketing agency, we offer all parts of search engine marketing and take over the management of these areas for companies.

The aim of search engine marketing is to position websites and web stores on the first search results page in search engines such as Google. When we talk about search engine optimization, we always refer to organic (i.e. not paid) search results.

The paid positionings can be generated by Google Ads (SEA) and are always marked with the addition "Ad".

Both measures can be useful for companies to generate more inquiries and more sales.

Search engine optimization includes the on-page and off-page optimization of websites and online stores. On-page optimization includes technical improvements, such as improving the loading time or mobile display (mobile optimization), while content improvements focus on the keyword. With on-page SEO, it is important that all content areas of a website are aligned with the focused keyword (search term) so that Google positions the page well. This includes the title, meta description, textual content and alt texts of images.

Why a SEO agency commission?

As already mentioned, search engine optimization is an important part of online marketing, which includes both the optimization of websites and online stores. In search engine optimization, websites are optimized for search engines such as Google - the aim is always to position the website for a specific keyword (search term) on the first search results page of Google.

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Important Info:

Not only the first page of Google search results should be the goal, but the first position - around 30 % of clicks fall on the first search result! Only 16 % of users click on the second search result, and only 10 % on the third. The second page of search results is almost irrelevant with 5 % of clicks.

For the optimization of websites this means that the first position on the first search results page from Google should be aimed for. But the difficult thing is that Google's algorithm determines whether a website is positioned on the first page or even the first position. In order to optimize websites or online stores in such a way that the algorithm considers them valuable and important, it takes an SEO agency that is deals with the algorithm on a daily basis and has experience in this area. has. 

We are happy to support you and your company in Lower Austria in positioning your website or online store on Google and achieving your digital marketing goals.

Do you want to do SEO for your company yourself? On request, we organize courses and seminars on SEO to introduce you and your team to this topic and answer all your questions!

SEO agency for Lower Austria and Vienna

As SEO agency for Vienna and Lower Austria we are professionals in the optimization of websites and webshops. Our goal is to position websites of companies in search engines like Google in such a way that inquiries and sales via the website are multiplied. 

We focus on comprehensive and sustainable advice and the creation of individual SEO strategies - because every company is unique and it is important to show this to the searching world. We take care of the entire implementation of SEO measures to position websites and webshops on page 1 of Google in the long term. 

We are also happy to advise you on other marketing services to better reach your target group digitally or online - e.g. social media support, web design, e-commerce, newsletter marketing and more. On request, we also organize workshops or courses on all online marketing topics to further educate you and your team.

Still not convinced?

Then get in touch, get to know us personally and see for yourself!


The SEO agency in Vienna.

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