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These advantages offer you SEO from the SEO copywriter

"The best place to hide a body is page 2 on Google." We don't want you to be the corpse on page 2. We want you to shine on page 1. So take advantage of the benefits of SEO:

Visibility in Google & Co

SEO texts give you more visibility in search engines such as Google & Co. so you can be found easily by interested parties.

More website visitors

You attract the attention of your target group and generate more traffic (visits) to your website.

Users stay longer

Exciting content is not only convincing, it also increases the time visitors spend on your website. And that sends good signals to Google.

Increase in requests

With suitable content - i.e. a great SEO text - you meet the expectations of users and thus generate new customers.

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"Marketing tool, customer acquisition and sales instrument all in one? A good text from an SEO copywriter will do that for you."


Free initial consultation

Ready to hire an SEO copywriter? Get your free initial consultation now and discuss your SEO project with us. Together, we'll make your content fit for search engines.

SEO writer balance between user and search engine

Being present on the Internet is good. It is even better to be at the forefront and to be found in searches (Google Search) with just a few clicks.
To do this, SEO copywriters must Making users and search engines happy - and that is often a balance on a tightrope.

This requires the right number of words (text length), the right keywords (and the right quantity), prior analysis and knowledge of search engines. This is the only way to achieve a good positioning in the search engines. At the same time, the texts must provide the answers that users are looking for on a specific topic, they must be tailored to their expectations, arouse emotions and be exciting. because every reader who falls asleep is a lost reader .

In summary, this means that if the copywriter doesn't want to fall off the tightrope with their content, the SEO text must be able to do both: Make search engines and users happy - because the two belong together. Only when the user is happy is the search engine happy, and vice versa.

"It takes targeted content and strategic content optimization to land at the top of Google & Co. and then defend your place on the winner's podium. Our SEO copywriters support you in achieving long-term success with your content."

That is why SEO-optimized texts for your ranking

Search engine optimization consists of a total of four pillars: Technology, backlinks, web design and texts (content). And it is complex. Every technical optimization, every backlink and every optimized web design is incomplete without SEO-optimized texts. This means: SEO texts are essential for the success of a website so that you can be found online at all.

The writing of SEO copywriting is not the same as writing "normal" copy . Normal texts need linguistic skill, added value and excitement, they have to attract and convince users and readers. An SEO text needs all of this too. But it needs something more.

Enormous knowledge about the chosen search engine (usually Google), keywords and the right analyses in the background are also essential. Unfortunately, nothing works without a convincing search engine. And this is exactly where we come into play as an online marketing SEO agency from Austria - with know-how, passion and responsibility, we ensure satisfied users, SEO texts with the right keyword density and content that Google also thinks is good.

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SEO text? SEO text! Arrange your free, no-obligation initial consultation now and discuss your SEO project with us. Together, we'll make your content marketing fit for Google & Co.

How we approach your project

Whether you're based in Austria, Germany or Switzerland - we'll write SEO texts that land at the top of Google and your potential customers' lists.


Contact & Initial Consultation

In a personal initial meeting (telephone, video, at our office in Vienna, Austria or other locations) we get to know each other and discuss your expectations and goals.

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Text interview

In an interview via online conference between one of our SEO copywriters and you, we find out more about your target group, your service, your product, the corporate language and the desired writing style. In this way, we ensure that the text meets your expectations and reflects your offer in the best possible way.

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Creation of the SEO texts

Our SEO copywriters write the text (or several texts) for your website - perfectly tailored to your target group, the topic and the search engine. The tightrope act - remember that?

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Feedback & Completion

The SEO text is sent to you for review. Our copywriters then implement the desired changes and finalize the text for your website.

Your team - our SEO copywriters

We balance for you on the tightrope!

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I lend you my words - SEO copywriter on behalf of our customers

What are we proud of as an SEO marketing agency? That we have already been able to lend our words to many clients for their SEO texts.

Let's do it the other way around and borrow the words of our customers:

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Numbers don't lie - With KOMMA99, the number of hits on our homepage is constantly increasing.

The support is reliable and competent.
We are thrilled.

- Stone4you natural stones

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I appreciate KOMMA99 because they can explain the topic to me as an SEO beginner in a way that I understand what I need to understand for the cooperation but without overwhelming me with too many details. The people are reliable, responsive, friendly and very professional. I really enjoy working with them and can absolutely recommend them. Clear 👍

- Verena Hofer, Itps 

This is how our
SEO writer

At KOMMA99, we take the time to carry out a comprehensive analysis, get to know your company and your customers and ask the right questions before we start creating the copy.  After that we focus on, among other things:

  • Keyword placement Convinces the search engines.
  • Content with added value for your customers Keeps customers on your site. This also has an influence on your ranking.
  • Personalized content writing style So that your new text fits your company.
  • Visually appealing structure of the content Because nobody reads a long text without paragraphs, pictures etc.
  • Keyword monitoring So that you keep your ranking. 

Our SEO copywriters write texts perfectly optimized for your target group and your company, which will not only delight your customers, but also the search engine.

Step by step to the perfect SEO Text

The keyword analysis We start every SEO collaboration with the most important step at content SEO level: the keyword analysis. Through this analysis, we recognize which focus needs to be set on your website and in your industry in order to achieve your goal of more conversions through Google.

Competition analysis Once we have focused on one or more keywords, the SEO text is created. Here we look at the competition and take a close look at why other texts work for this keyword. We also identify gaps in the competition's texts - which we fill in your SEO texts.  

Meta description and title We also carefully write the components of the SERP snippet (short description of a website on Google's search results page). They are the first thing the user sees of your website and play a major role in whether someone clicks on your website or not.

WDF*IDF analysis When writing SEO texts, SEO copywriters use a little helper: the WDF*IDF analysis. Using a sophisticated WDF*IDF analysis formula, our SEO copywriters recognize which words they need to use how often within a text in order to achieve a good ranking for you.

Structure, content and appearance In addition to meaningful content, a clear structure as well as an appealing look and a common thread in the design are a must-have. We therefore not only create SEO texts, but also provide an overall concept for the structure of the website.

Our customers. Our whole Pride

That's why you should SEO texts have it written by professionals

SEO copywriters are familiar with search engines, keywords, the right keyword density and Google ranking factors. They also know how to inspire users with their content. In other words:

They know how to balance on a tightrope and move your company forward.

Every industry is unique.

Whether you're a doctor, hairdresser or plumber: they all have one thing in common - and that's their differences. Every industry has different requirements. And the SEO text must also take this into account. 

Our SEO copywriters have already written texts for a wide range of industries - and will find the right keywords, the right structure and the best way for you to increase customer loyalty and win new customers through content.

SEO texts are our passion - but you decide

As an SEO marketing agency based in Austria, we are professionals in the optimization of SEO texts. Our goal is to help you position your website in such a way that you can increase your inquiries and your Multiply sales sustainably can.

We focus on comprehensive and long-term consulting, the creation of individual SEO strategies and the implementation of all optimization measures relating to content and marketing. This also includes SEO texts with specifically placed keywords, which are necessary to position websites and online stores on the first page.

You alone decide to what extent and on which SEO issues we can support you. We offer one-off SEO support, but many of our clients opt for long-term cooperation with monitoring and ongoing support.


The online marketing agency in Vienna.

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