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The SEO costs for your optimal ranking in Google and Co.

The costs and budget your company has to calculate for perfect search engine optimization always depend on how much you are willing to invest in SEO.

We show you how important SEO is and how high the potential costs can be. To ensure that the budget is used successfully, it is important to customize the content and marketing in particular. Ideally, you should have your website or online store optimized by an SEO agency that already has a lot of experience.

What is SEO?

Before we explain the costs of SEO, we would like to briefly explain what SEO actually means.

Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing websites (e.g. Google) and online stores for search engines. If your website appears on the first page of Google, it is much more likely to be found by potential customers. The goal of SEO is therefore: better rankings, more traffic, more inquiries and more sales. SEO is your modern marketing and the content is geared towards your customers.


What does good SEO involve?

If you are thinking about entrusting the optimization of your website to an SEO agency, you can expect a structured approach. An agency will take the following steps with you:

  • Detailed discussion of an SEO strategy
    - Where is your company currently positioned?
    - Where does your company want to end up with SEO?
    - How did you achieve this goal?
    - How long would you like to take advantage of SEO support?
    - What content do you want to offer your customers?
    - What budget do you have available?
    - What kind of marketing are you aiming for?
  • Keyword-research
    Our agency finds the right keywords for an optimal ranking of your website
  • Snippet refinement
    Describes your company or offer optimally and improves the ranking and click rate of your website.
  • Improvement of the page structure
    Navigation of the website
  • Clear heading structure
    Clear structure and pleasant reading experience
  • Internal and external link structure
    Links to subpages and domains
  • Load time optimization
    Long loading times reduce the ranking and the click rate
  • Optimization of usability
    User-friendliness of the website
  • Onpage and offpage optimization
    Measures that influence the position of the search result from the outside
  • SEO support
    Improve or maintain visibility in search engines (e.g. Google)

SEO prices

What does SEO cost?

The field of SEO is very broad. For this reason, the prices for search engine optimization are also very individual. As a rule, the hourly rate for an analysis by an SEO agency is between 85.00 euros and 105.00 euros net. The content refinement and programming costs for your website are based on the hours worked. SEO support per month is also charged at a different hourly rate.

As an online marketing agency, we will explain the various options for pricing and offers.

SEO is an ongoing process and involves many hours of work and know-how. Like all other agencies, we advise you not to use SEO support for just one month. 

Content creation, link building and technical SEO measures are ongoing work. As a rule, the costs here are from 700.00 euros net.

The prices per click for Google Ads are between 0.05 Euro and 4.50 Euro.

In order to rank among the top 1-10 on Google Austria with average competition density and search volume, SEO support should last a good 12 months. Costs of around 12,000.00 euros are to be expected here.

As you can see, the costs for professional search engine optimization vary greatly and depend heavily on the desired service.

But is SEO even worthwhile with such high expenditure? YES! YES! And YES again! In this day and age, every company depends on being found easily and quickly on the Internet. Because if we are honest, nobody looks at the search results on page 3 in Google.

Of course, it's up to you whether you want to invest in agencies for professional search engine optimization. However, as professionals, we can tell you that it's worth it and will only benefit your company. The agency will help you find the right content!

We are happy to advise you in detail about your options and look forward to supporting you with your search engine placement in Google.

Which factors influence SEO support

There is no all-inclusive price for comprehensive search engine optimization. The offers and agencies are just as individual as the needs of your individual SEO support.

Important factors for pricing are:

  • Size of your company
  • Industry
  • Number of competitors
  • Budget for marketing
  • Term (hours, month, years)
  • Number of tools required

Prices of the various SEO measures

You should expect the following costs when hiring an SEO agency:

  • Keyword research:
    Keyword research is particularly important for search engine optimization and can cost between € 200 and € 1,000.
  • Optimizations:
    Onpage customization involves perfecting meta tags, headings and content. The costs vary between € 500 and € 2,000.
    The refinement of the technical points (e.g. loading time, mobile optimization, ...) and can cost between € 1.000.- and € 5.000.-.
    The creation of backlinks, link building, directory entries, etc. usually costs between € 500 and € 5,000.
  • Content creation:
    High-quality content, blogs, graphics, videos, ... are created during content creation. The creation can cost between € 500 and € 5,000 per piece.
  • SEO reporting:
    Regular reports are created here that record the monthly progress of the SEO measures. The documentation can cost between € 500 and € 2,000.

As you can see, it depends very much on whether you use the agencies' support for a longer period (months, years) or only briefly (once for a few hours or a month). 

Why does SEO cost so much?

It goes without saying that the above list of SEO costs will put you off. Of course, this begs the question "Why is SEO so expensive?". SEO requires a lot of experience, many hours of work and some tools.

Here is a brief overview to give you an idea of the justified prices:


  • Time-consuming work:
    SEO is an ongoing process and takes many hours, weeks and even months of work.
  • Competition:
    The more competitors you have, the more work it takes to develop a high-quality SEO strategy.
  • Ongoing adjustments:
    SEO never sleeps. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and the SEO strategy must be continuously adapted.
  • Experience and expertise:
    The experience and expertise justify the higher costs.
  • Tools:
    Professional search engine optimization requires a number of different and expensive tools.


Even if the SEO costs seem high, an effective SEO strategy is worthwhile. It increases your visibility and brings more traffic to your website!


The different billing models of SEO agencies

If you hire an SEO agency, there are various billing models available. Decide on the model that best suits your budget. 

Billing models:

  • Sales commission:
    SEO remains free until you generate sales.
  • Billing per service:
    As the customer, you know in advance the exact price to be paid for the SEO measures provided.
  • Hourly rates:
    With this model, you pay on an hourly basis. A fixed price is charged for each hour. 
  • Monthly flat rate:
    With the monthly flat rate, you know exactly what SEO costs you will incur in the coming months, as the agency will provide you with a precise list.

NOTE: A study by Moz 2012 showed that a monthly flat rate for SEO measures of between € 90 and € 440 is the norm in Europe.

As you can see, SEO requires a lot of specialist knowledge and experience. As an SEO agency, we look forward to supporting you with your visibility on the Internet. Feel free to contact us - we will advise you in detail!

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