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SEO for dentists - because patients online search

Why is SEO so important for dentists? Because patients search for a dental practice online. This is confirmed by a look at the average monthly search volume for the search term "dentist": 71,000 persons in Austria search for this term in Google every month. And the trend is rising.

This figure promises great potential for new patients. But "unfortunately" there are only ever 10 winners in search engines like Google. Namely the first 10 search results, which are on Google page 1. The first three results get the most clicks - the goal in search engine optimization must therefore be ambitious. Where should you definitely not hide your dental practice? On Google page 2, because nobody will find it there.

seo for dentists keywords statistics

Screenshot from the SEO keyword tool "kwfinder". Monthly search volume within Austria.

KOMMA99 is a great SEO agency or online marketing agency from Vienna!

After a non-binding initial discussion, I was offered a project package that was very individually tailored to my wishes and ideas. I was assigned the expert Nico from the team as my contact person and was able to contact him with my questions at any time by phone, email or video conference. I felt extremely well looked after and all my questions were answered very professionally. The result is impressive! SEO expert Roman used his expertise in web design to give my website a great new look and the fantastic Nina wrote a fantastic SEO text for me!

Many thanks to the entire team!


More patients and more visibility
for dental practices

As an SEO agency, we support companies in making the leap to Google page 1 to create.

Long-term strategy, sustainable results

Without a strategy there is no plan, and without a plan there is no success. A SEO strategy and planning is the basis for all other online marketing measures that are crucial for success.

Focus on success

Focus on ErfOnline marketing measures only make sense in the long term if they lead to success. When it comes to search engine optimization for dentists, success means success for us: More patients and more appointments.

Keeping an eye on patients

In search engine optimization for dentists, we optimize websites for the target group, the future patients. Their Needs and the fulfillment of expectations are the focus of our work.

Personal all-round support

Your patients are your customers, you are our customer. The Personal contact and regular exchange on SEO measures and results is an important factor for successful cooperation.

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SEO for dentists - the 10 steps Guide


Technology, keywords, content, backlinks -
what first?

In order to position a dental practice at the top of Google results in the long term, intensive SEO work is required. The starting position determines the strategy. Depending on whether a website already has visibility in Google or whether the site is not yet found at all, sensible SEO measures can be defined.

Free of charge SEO analysis for dentists

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Guide -
Our agency tips
for dentist SEO

A convincing Website

A convincing website is of crucial importance for dentists, as it is the digital business card and represents an essential component of patient communication. The website acts as a central point of contact where potential patients can Information about the practice, services and the team find. A well-optimized website that is appealing to both search engines and users increases the Visibility of the dental practice on the Internet.


The website not only serves to present the professionalism and expertise of the practice, but also plays a key role in attracting new patients. Through targeted optimization techniques, such as SEO (search engine optimization), the Findability in online search results improved, resulting in increased reach and potential patient inquiries leads.

An engaging website also offers the opportunity to build patient trust by providing user-friendly content, up-to-date information and clear contact options. In today's digital era, a professional website is therefore essential in order to Competitiveness to secure the Patient confidence and ultimately to strengthen the Success of the dental practice to promote.

Meaningful and clear Contents

Meaningful and clear content on a dentist's website is important to achieve an effective online presence. The Quality of the content not only influences the user experience, but also the Findability of the site in search engines.


The Clear presentation of relevant informationthe services offered, the team and the practice premises, creates trust with potential patients. Through the targeted use of Keywordsrelevant to dentistry, the optimization of the website for search engines is improved. This in turn makes it easier for searchers to find the website when they are looking for dental services.


A Careful preparation of the contents on every page of the website, starting with the Home page to the specific service pagesThis makes it possible to convey a comprehensive picture of the practice. This is crucial for convincing potential patients and establishing a lasting connection.

Positive ratings in the Google My Business profile

Positive reviews on the Google My Business profile are of essential importance for dentists, as they represent a significant influence on online reputation and the Trust of potential patients have. These reviews act as digital feedback and serve as social confirmation of the quality of dental services.


The relevance of positive reviews lies not only in the positive feedback itself, but also in their Influence on the local ranking in Google. The Google search engine regards positive reviews as Indicator of trustworthiness and quality. A high number of positive reviews can help to increase the visibility of the dental practice in local search results.

Positive reviews also act as content marketing for the dental practice. They represent Authentic experiences of patients and therefore act as persuasive advertising. People tend to take reviews from other patients seriously and include them in their decision-making.

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SEO as a cycle - Sustainable search engine optimization

SEO is a continuous cycle that can enable long-term online visibility. Search engine optimization does not start, bring results, and then end again. SEO must be implemented in the long termto enable sustainable results and improve visibility. 


As an SEO agency, we focus on providing our clients with long-term support and thus being a stable partner in building digital visibility. In doing so, we primarily have the Added value because online marketing measures must deliver tangible results. 

If you are a dentist looking for an agency that has experience in this industry and knows exactly how to create a Sensible SEO strategy must be set up - then get in touch with us.

Google Ads and SEO - the difference

Google Ads and SEO are two different approaches in online marketing. With Google Ads are paid advertisementswhich offer immediate visibility on the Google search results page. As a dentist, you pay for every click on the ad. 


In contrast, SEO (search engine optimization) concentrates on Organic visibility of a website in the unpaid search results by Google. This is achieved by optimizing content, structure and other factors. The aim of SEO is to position a website in Google so that it is found more easily under relevant keywords and achieves sustainable visibility in the search results.


As an SEO and SEA agency, we support clients in the areas of both SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (Google Ads).

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SEO for dentists - FAQs

What is SEO?

In the field of search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists, the term encompasses all strategic measures aimed at increasing the Ranking and visibility of a dental practice in leading search engines such as Google.

Why is SEO so important for dentists?

The online marketing measure of search engine optimization is important for dentists because it increases the Visibility in search engines such as Google can be greatly increased. Thanks to the improved visibility, practices can regularly attract attention. new patients and thus steadily increase the Growth of the practice track.

How much does SEO for dentists cost?

The cost of SEO for dentists varies depending on the individual goals. SEO is a long-term online marketing measure that delivers sustainable results. When working with an agency, the costs should be considered as a monthly expense. Depending on the long-term goals of a dental practice, monthly expenses can range from €500 to €1,800 per month lie.

How long does SEO for dentists take?

The duration of SEO for a dental practice depends heavily on the initial situation and long-term goals. SEO should be seen as a continuous and long-term online marketing measure, as constant work on stability and increasing visibility is required. It is recommended in order to overtake the competition in the long term, at least 12 months for intensive search engine optimization.


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