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Strengthen the relationship with you customers through SEO (search engine optimization) to more visibility and patients. We do SEO for doctors.

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Where do new patients meet you first?
On the Internet!

"Can you recommend a doctor?" 

"Let's google it."

In the past, the search for a suitable doctor was based on personal recommendations, but things are different today: as an individual, people are primarily looking for a doctor who inspires confidence, seems likeable and whose practice is as close to home as possible. Anyone searching on the Internet quickly realizes that the choice of doctors is huge - as is the demand.

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Approximately 2600 users search for the keyword "Arzt Wien" every month.

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About 310 users a month search for doctors in a specific district.

Being found on page one for these keywords means that many potential patients will see your website and consider visiting your practice.

This is why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important as a marketing measure for doctors. SEO can help your medical practice be found online. We accompany you on your way to page one of the search engine (Google) with comprehensive planning and targeted marketing measures - quite simply and profitably.

As a marketing and SEO agency, we know:

Search engine optimization is the way to find patients and bring your services to the fore. We also know that doctors in surgeries already have enough to do - that's why we do the marketing for you.

SEO is not a sprint, but a Marathon - SEO collaboration should therefore be calculated for at least 12 months. Based in Vienna, our SEO agency serves doctors throughout Austria and beyond.

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The SEO agency for doctors
with heart and brain

A lot of expertise, plenty of experience and a big pinch of sympathy

SEO Strategy & Planning

No strategy means no plan and no plan means no success. The SEO strategy and planning of marketing measures is the key to the SEO success of your practice.

Onpage SEO

Our marketing experts from Vienna advise and support you as a doctor with all on-page optimizations - SEO texts, SEO technology, web design and more.

Offpage SEO

SEO is not just about your own website. Backlink building with other websites in your industry is part of every SEO strategy.

Personal all-round support

With us you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

Free initial consultation

As a full-service online marketing agency, we also offer you - in addition to SEO - services such as Social media support, SEA (Google Ads), newsletter marketing, web design and more!

Sounds interesting? It is!

Our SEO services for doctors
at a glance

SEO strategy

Design and planning of a long-term SEO strategy.

SEO Keywords

Definition of focus keywords by analyzing different keywords.

SEO texts

SEO is not just about your own website. Backlink building with other websites in your industry is part of every SEO strategy.

SEO technique

With us you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

Backlink building

With us you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

SEO Workshops

With us you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

Local SEO

With us you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

Online marketing services

On request SEA (Google Ads), social media, web design, content marketing, newsletters and more.

How it works SEO for doctors

SEO (search engine optimization) is a branch of online marketing in which your website is optimized so that it can be found in search engines. SEO is divided into 4 different areas If you opt for SEO support from us, we will take care of optimizing the website for your medical practice.


Technical optimizations take place in the backend of your website. These optimizations are not visible, but are noticeable in the increase in performance. Improving the loading time, the functionality of the pages, eliminating technical deficits and mobile optimization are basics for a good ranking through search engine optimization for doctors.


Text, images, video and graphics - this is the content of your website. As an SEO agency, we focus on optimizing the entire content of your website. We write texts and, if desired, also create photos or other media content that appeals to potential patients - and that also satisfies search engines such as Google. Revising the content of a website is an important measure in any SEO marketing concept. Relevant and interesting content is the be-all and end-all for a good ranking on Google.


How good can technology and content be if the design is not professionally implemented? The web design is the core of a search engine optimized website. The expectations of the target group must be met in order to turn searchers into visitors to your practice. A common thread in the design, the clear arrangement of the content and a modern web design are among the optimization areas of a website.


Offpage SEO is the search engine optimization measure that is not implemented on your own website. Offpage SEO refers to the creation of backlinks with other websites. The stronger your website is linked to other quality websites, the higher its trustworthiness and ranking. Search engines such as Google take the backlink profile of websites into account when ranking, which is why it is all the more important for search engine optimization to build qualitative backlinks.

Our Team the SEO agency from Vienna

Now non-binding offer Request

Not sure whether your medical practice needs online marketing measures? Get in touch with us and we will check the SEO potential of your website without obligation.

Get in touch with us and we will check the SEO potential of your website without obligation.

What we recommend all doctors,
who want to do SEO

An impressive Website

It doesn't matter whether you already have a website or need a completely new site - we optimize a new or old website so that it can be found by your target group, presents your medical practice attractively and attracts new patients!

Our web designers will take care of finding a suitable template for your website that represents your surgery or medical practice. 

Then it's time to get down to business: We design your website so that patients can find their way around in future, get a quick overview and know where and when they can contact you. In a correction loop, we compare the result with your wishes and ideas. When you are satisfied, we go online - from this moment on, your website can be searched for and found on the Internet. Thanks to the SEO strategy for doctors that we are happy to offer you, new patients will also find you quickly and confidently.

Fancy a new website?

A meaningful Google My Business profile

Google My Business is an important part of SEO and especially for the local visibility and the branding of a practice or surgery. 

With a optimized Google My Business entry doctors can be found locally - for the name of the practice and also for other relevant search terms. With a Google My Business entry you generate valuable visibility and a better ranking in the Google search engine. This allows you to build trust with prospective customers and strengthen your branding.

Want a Google My Business profile?

Strengthen the relationship with you customers through Local SEO patients in your area will find you

For many companies, it is important to be found locally. These are usually companies that offer their services at a Location like a doctor's practice or surgery. Your target group is very close by - in the city or in the region around the location. With Local SEO (local search engine optimization), you can become the number 1 in your city and generate more regional customers. Through the Google My Business Optimization you as a doctor become regionally visible online in Google search. A Google My Business entry is then displayed in the search results when users in a specific environment search - the perfect way for you as a doctor to attract more patients. Your target group will also find their way directly to you thanks to the specified location in Google Maps. 
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What is a local search query?

In local search queries, patients search for keywords in combination with a location. Examples of this are

The local search therefore includes all search queries that are expanded with a specific location. Not to be forgotten, however, is the Personalized search: Search engines such as Google recognize where the user is located. This means that even normal search queries such as "doctor" will display surgeries in the immediate vicinity that fall into this category. 

Here at the latest Advantage of Local SEO For doctors it is clear - if the right information is provided, there is a high chance of being easy to find on Google and online. 

By the way: Local SEO can be wonderfully combined with local advertisements on Google (Google Ads) to increase your visibility even more. And to keep your patients loyal and relevant, we are happy to take care of social media for you.

Our customers speak for us

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Our Services as SEO agency for doctors

Do you want to benefit from search engine optimization with your website and finally be found at the top of Google? We advise and support you as an SEO agency on your way to an optimized website! As an SEO agency, we take care of all sub-areas that are necessary for optimization - Technology, content, backlinks and web design - For even more visibility, we can also provide you with social media support as well as content creation, Google Ads or newsletter marketing!

If you opt for SEO consulting and support from KOMMA99, you will be supported throughout our entire collaboration and receive monthly reports - so you always know where our project currently stands and where it is heading!

Not sure if Local SEO is the right approach for you? Maybe SEA (Google Ads) or web design optimization is a better fit for you to attract more patients. And if you want to increase patient loyalty, a social media strategy or newsletter marketing for doctors may be worthwhile. We would be happy to advise you on your options and suggest the right strategy. Simply get in touch and we'll take care of everything else!


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