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Be found on the Internet: the power of SEO

People who travel these days search for their hotel on Google and book their accommodation online. Most guests have therefore already decided on a hotel before they contact a travel agency - if at all. For hotels and accommodation providers, this means that their online presence is becoming increasingly important. This is because online inquiries are high - and the competition is fierce. 

Everyone is competing for one thing above all else: visibility in Google search results. And this is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play. 

SEO makes it possible for you not to get lost in the online world and to attract traffic to your website.

SEO is a marketing strategy that aims to position a website on the first page of search results - ideally at number 1. When the target group searches for certain keywords (e.g. Hotel Vienna) in search engines, the website is displayed as one of the first results. And therefore clicked on more often.

The result: As many visitors as possible are brought to your website. More traffic means more bookings and potential customers for your hotel.

Here is a brief insight into the keyword potential in the hotel industry (as of Februar 2024):

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Approximately 33,500 users per month search for hotels in a specific area (e.g. Vienna)

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Around 1200 users a month search for the keyword "Hotels Austria".

The most important terms for SEO short at a glance

  • On-page SEO = includes all SEO measures that take place on your own website.

  • Off-page SEO = This includes all measures that are undertaken outside of your own website (off the page). Link building is particularly important here.

  • SERP = Search Engine Results Page.

  • Ranking = Position of a website in a search for a specific term (keyword) in search engines such as Google.

  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Advertising (SEA) refers to the display of advertisements on Google, for example.

  • Keyword (A keyword is the search term that triggers a search. Professionals use keywords to control the display of advertisements and to optimize a website for search engines.

  • A Backlink (backlink) describes links from a third-party, external page to the hotel's own website.

  • The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the entire address of a single website.

  • Bounce rateBounce rate is the percentage of visits to a single page (i.e. sessions where visitors have left the website on the entry page without interacting with the page)

KOMMA99: Your SEO agency for hotels

Are you a hotel owner and want more visibility on Google? KOMMA99 makes it possible. We are an experienced online marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization. Put your website in our hands and we will develop a suitable SEO strategy for your hotel. 

For more traffic on your website.

For more guests.

And more turnover.

We take care of SEO and online marketing for you and get you and your hotel on page one of Google! Watch your positioning in search engines improve and the number of inquiries via your website increase.
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SEO for hotels with Dexterity

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As an SEO agency, we take care of all aspects of optimization for you: technology, content, backlinks and web design. We also advise you on all topics relating to search engine optimization and online marketing.

You should always keep this in mind: SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon. The first successes only become visible after a few weeks or even months. As the ranking - depending on the competition and the algorithm - can always change, SEO is not complete after one round of optimization. However, SEO is an investment that pays off in the long term. 

The SEO for your hotel is with us in the best hands

Experience and expertise

We specialize in SEO and online marketing and are experts when it comes to bringing a website to the top of the search results with targeted measures.

Professional tools

WordPress, Elementor, Google Search Console, Seobility, KW Finder, Ahrefs - these are just some of the many tools we work with professionally. You save yourself the costs and training time for these applications.

Flexible optimization

We know the latest SEO trends and developments in search engines. If the Google algorithm changes, we react at lightning speed and adapt the strategy. You save time and resources for training and new hires.

No downtime

An in-house SEO team can be absent due to illness or vacation, for example. During this time, the ranking of your website may drop. With KOMMA99, you can be sure that your website will receive consistent support and that the project will continue to develop.

No operational blindness

As an SEO agency, we have an objective view of your website and can realistically assess the results and possibilities. When optimizing, we can ideally combine your ideas with SEO measures and the needs of your future guests.

Avoid typical mistakes

If you try your hand at SEO but don't know your way around, it's easy to put your foot in your mouth. Keyword stuffing in content, unfavorable website structures, meta descriptions that are too long, uncompressed images - all of these can have a negative impact on visibility. We know exactly which mistakes to avoid and work specifically on the search engine optimization of your website.

In 4 steps to the better ranking on Google

1. make contact:

Contact us by phone or email and describe your wishes and ideas. We will analyze your website in detail and inform you about the possibilities and potential results. The first SEO analysis of your website is free of charge!

2nd personal kick-off meeting:

We discuss the strategy, the service package, the prices and clarify all open questions and details. The kick-off meeting is the starting signal for us to begin optimizing your website.

3. optimization of your website:

We carry out the specified optimization measures and keep you up to date on the progress and successes. We stay in constant contact to discuss details - so that you are completely satisfied with the result.

4. goals and successes:

You watch as the ranking and visibility of your site steadily increase. Depending on the initial situation, competition and scope of services, this process may take some time. We always keep you up to date on the progress and success of the project.

Do you want to benefit from search engine optimization with your website and finally be found at the top of Google?

Our SEO services for hotels at a glance

Every SEO project is unique and requires individual measures. As an online marketing agency, we offer all marketing services that make your hotel visible to your target group.

SEO strategy
Conception and planning of a long-term SEO strategy including on-page and off-page optimization.

SEO Keywords
Definition of focus keywords by analyzing different search queries.

SEO texts and content
Creation and optimization of SEO texts and other content (photos, videos) for the website and other channels.

Technical SEO
Technical optimization of websites, e.g. loading speed and optimization for mobile devices.

Local SEO for hotels
Optimization of regional visibility (e.g. in your federal state or a specific city) incl. Google My Business profile.

Backlink building
Building qualitative links to strengthen the link profile.

All-round marketing services
Google Ads, social media, email marketing and much more on request.

Personal all-round support and individual advice
Our project managers are there for you by e-mail or telephone.

SEO Workshops
Conducting SEO workshops and individual training so that you can personally maintain your website after the project is completed.

With SEO support and advice from KOMMA99, you will be supported throughout our entire collaboration and receive monthly reports. This gives you an insight into the successes, you are always up to date on the project and you know how things are progressing.


Simply get in touch with us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to inform you about our services and your benefits!

SEO for hotels: Strategy & Planning

No strategy, no plan, and no plan, no success. The SEO strategy and planning of marketing measures is the Basis for the SEO success of your hotel.

We usually start with Local SEO . With local search engine optimization your location in the foregroundto rank for local search queries. With local search queries, guests search for information and content according to keywords in combination with a location.

Examples of local keywords are:

  • Hotel Vienna
  • Pension Berlin-Mitte
  • Hotel Wörthersee
  • Hotel 1050
  • Hotel nearby

The competition for these local keywords is less strong, making it easier to rank well. Successes can usually be seen more quickly.
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Important: A free "Google My Business" account is required to perform local SEO.With this account, your hotel or accommodation will be displayed in search results and on Google Maps. Details and information such as address, contact details, website, opening hours and much more are stored in the "Google My Business" account.

It goes without saying that we will set up and manage your Google My Business account for you as part of your local SEO strategy. Our service package also includes the maintenance of ratings, reviews and content.

OnPage SEO for hotels

The core of all search engine optimization measures: on-page optimization. This includes optimizing the web design, content and structure of your own website in order to achieve a better ranking in search engines.

Our experts from Vienna will take care of all optimizations for you: SEO texts and content, SEO technology, web design and more.

The Website - The Figurehead of your hotel

It doesn't matter whether you already have a website or need a completely new one - We create a new website or optimize the old one so that it can be found and visited.seekers to customers makes.

Our web designers create a page for you that perfectly represents your hotel. It's not just about the look. We design your website so that visitors can navigate it easily, find all the information quickly and are prompted to book a hotel room. 

This is particularly important:Technical adjustments to the website, such as loading speed and optimization for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our technicians ensure that your website is attractive and works perfectly - no matter which device is used to access it.

In a correction loop, we compare the result with your wishes and ideas. When you are satisfied, we go online - from this moment on, guests can search for and find your website on the Internet.

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Fancy a new website?

The content: Perfect content and Ideal structure

Text, images, video - this is the content of your website. The content must always be up to date so that it reflects the offers and benefits of your hotel and appeals to new potential customers. A clear, well-structured website with high-quality content and all important information for guests is the be-all and end-all. 

For the content strategy, we first define the target group and carry out a detailed keyword analysis through. This is the only way your hotel can convince and be placed on page one in the search engine.


We clarify the following questions:


  1. Who is the target group? Who should be reached? What do they expect?
  2. How do potential customers reach your hotel? Which channels do they use?
  3. Which keywords are used to search for your hotel/accommodation?
  4. What advantages does your hotel have over other accommodation?
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Another important point: the search intention. For example, someone searching for "book hotel Salzburg" wants to make a transaction. Someone searching for "Hotel Austria what to look out for" wants to be informed.

Customers reach the website via all these search terms - provided the content fulfills their intention. We research the central keywords and create the right content to attract visitors to your site. With attractive content and so-called "call to actions", we encourage visitors to become guests at your hotel.

Off-Page Optimization

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Search engine optimization does not only take place on your own website. Building backlinks with other websites in your industry is part of every SEO strategy. Backlinks are links on other websites that lead to your website. They direct the traffic to your site. This signals to Google that your website is relevant and recommendable - which has a positive effect on the ranking.

We take care of the backlinks to strengthen the positioning and relevance of your website.

More Marketing measures for your hotel

KOMMA99 is an online marketing agency that can offer you a wide range of marketing measures. Experience has shown that marketing works best when different strategies are combined. 


Do you want the ultimate visibility on the Internet? We offer many other effective online marketing services in combination with SEO. On request, we can take over e.g:


  • Google Ads (SEA)
  • Social media
  • Webdesign
  • E-mail Marketing
  • E-commerce 
  • And more.


We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities and potential of these other marketing strategies. Our contacts will be happy to help you and are just a phone call or email away!

Personal All-round support

With us you are always in contact with our contact persons from Austria (Vienna). We are there for you if you have any questions or suggestions. 

As part of the service package, you will also receive training in the technical aspects of your website and its search engine optimization. This means you can continue to personally manage your website even after the project has been completed. However, we prefer to work with you on a long-term basis to keep your website at the top!

Reviews - Our customers speak for us

Free of charge SEO analysis

Not sure whether your hotel needs online marketing measures? Send us your website and we will check the SEO potential for you - completely free of charge!





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