SEO Agency for Lower Austria

Through search engine optimization (SEO) to more customers and sales

Creation of a concept for successful search engine optimization

Optimizations of your website in terms of technology and content

Creation of SEO texts with keyword focus

Increase in inquiries & sales

Continuous project support and consulting by SEO experts


Our SEO services
for Vienna and Lower Austria
at a glance


Our SEO services
for Vienna and Lower Austria
at a glance.


Conducting SEO workshops for you and your team.


Technical optimization of websites and online stores.


Creation of optimized SEO texts.


Research to understand which keywords are useful for your goals.


Link relevant keywords to existing or new landing pages.


Regular monitoring of performance and ranking status.


Monthly comprehensive SEO reporting with all important key figures.

What is SEO actually?

SEO is a subarea of online marketing and is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Optimization. The two sub-areas of search engine marketing (SEM) are on the one hand SEO and on the other hand SEA (Google Ads). We, as an online marketing agency offer both parts of search engine marketing and take over the management of these areas for your company. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes onpage and offpage optimization of websites and online stores. The onpage optimization includes technical improvements, such as improving the load time or mobile display (mobile optimization), while content improvements is the keyword focus. 

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All content sections of your website should be aligned with the focused keyword (search term) so that Google perceives it as relevant. This includes title, meta description, as well as textual content and also alt texts of images. 

In the end, the goal of SEOis to position your website or online store among the first organic (i.e. not paid) search results on the search results page. SEA ads, on the other hand, include the first paid search results for your desired keyword, which are marked with the addition "ad" on the search results page.


You are looking for a professional SEO agency to position your website or online store in the long term
on the first page of Google? Then get in touch with us.

The 4 pillars of SEO

In an SEO strategy for a company, the following four pillars are put under the microscope.


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When we talk about the technical optimization of a website or an online store for search engines, the improvement of the loading time, data security and the elimination of technical deficits are the focus. In addition, mobile optimization has turned out to be particularly important, because many websites are called exclusively mobile and also Google crawls websites since the "mobile-only index" 2021 exclusively in the mobile version.


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Content-wise, a website should be optimized in terms of SERP snippet, texts, blog, alt texts etc., only then the desired visibility is achieved.

This requires a well thought-out content strategy and a targeted keyword focus, so that Google can clearly see the intentions of the website online.


Bildschirm Webdesign Komma99

Without a target group-oriented web design a website cannot be found successfully.

Here it is about understanding the customer and in the web design to respond perfectly to the wishes of the customer, and accordingly Google. Technical optimization and suitable content are not enough if the website is not designed in an appealing and target group-oriented way.


Backlinkkette Komma99

Backlinks include the area
Offpage SEO.

Here the focus is on building links of your own website with other, relevant websites. If high-quality backlinks are built, the relevance of the website for Google increases - in short: the more qualitative backlinks your website has, the better.

Why do you need an SEO agency?

As already mentioned, the search engine optimization (SEO) is an important subarea of online marketing, which includes the optimization of websites and online stores. In SEO, websites are optimized for search engines such as Google - The goal is always to position the website for a specific keyword (search term) on the first search results page of Google.

Here it should be noted: Not only the first page should be the goal, but the first position - About 30% of clicks fall on the first search result! On the second search result click only 16% of users, on the third finally only 10%. The second page of search results is almost irrelevant with 5% of clicks.

For the optimization of websites, this means that the first position on the first search results page should be aimed for. But the difficult thing is that Google's algorithm determines whether you end up on the first page, or even the first position. In order to optimize websites or online stores in such a way that the algorithm considers them valuable and important, you need an SEO agency that deals with the algorithm on a daily basis and has experience in this area. We are happy to support you in achieving your goals in search engine optimization in Vienna and Lower Austria.




You are looking for a professional SEO agency to position your website or online store in the long term
on the first page of Google? Then get in touch with us.

KOMMA99 - Your SEO Agency for
Lower Austria and Vienna

As SEO agency for Vienna and Lower Austria we are professionals in optimizing any website and webshop. Our goal is to help you position your website to multiply your inquiries and sales.

We focus on comprehensive and sustainable consulting, on the creation of individual SEO strategies, as well as on the implementation of any optimization measures that are necessary to position your website or online store on the first page.

You alone decide to what extent we can support you. We offer a one-time SEO support, as well as a long-term cooperation with monitoring and constant support. Together we bring your website and thus your company on place 1.



Together we start the project search engine optimization for your website. Before we stake out your wishes and ideas, we get to know each other and create an SEO strategy to place your website on the first page and the first position on Google.


To stay on the ball and work transparently, you need a concept. From experience we can say: The more detailed projects are planned, the more successful you will be for your company. That's why we create a detailed SEO concept and a time schedule for the optimization of your website with you.


SEO does not work overnight. Search engine optimization is an ongoing project that is planned for a longer period of time to be lucrative for the future of your business. We constantly keep an eye on the ranking development and inform you in case of successes and changes.


Together, we define goals and key figures so that they can be controlled and measured in the future. Through success controls, we can analyze which measures still need to be implemented and which have already worked well. We value transparency - That's why you receive a comprehensive SEO reporting every month with ongoing support.

Your SEO agency in Lower Austria and Vienna - KOMMA99

KOMMA99 stands for qualitative, professional reliable SEO support, consulting and management. We advise you in all SEO subareas - from Onpage to Offpage SEO.

With the combination of content and technical optimizations of your website or online store, as well as the sensible use of web design, we support you in achieving your online marketing goals. Contact us now - We are looking forward to hearing from you!



You are looking for a professional SEO agency to position your website or online store in the long term
on the first page of Google? Then get in touch with us.