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Do you want Visible in the long term become? SEO is the answer!

Every single industry thrives on satisfied customers - and so do lawyers/attorneys. Customer acquisition has been supplemented by a number of channels thanks to technological progress - one of which is online marketing. Being found at the top of the search results on search engines such as Google has become the goal of many companies and a perfect way to acquire new customers. 

But in order to not only be ranked on page 1 with your website, but also to really win more clients, you need a variety of factors. Each and every one of them contributes to your SEO also long-term customers for your law firm. 

With professionals to the optimum position. That's where we come in as an online marketing agency! We are the No. 1 specialists in SEO and help you to optimize your website's ranking.

Do you want to be visible in the long term? SEO is the answer!

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Free initial consultation

Are you a lawyer and want to show search engines and potential clients that your law firm exists? Then get SEO for lawyers! Simply contact us and discuss your goals with us in a free initial consultation. Together we will make your website fit for search engines such as Google, clients & co.

What we offer you in the Search Engine Optimization for lawyers, attorneys and law firms

Of course you want to be number 1 for your target group - and we know exactly how to achieve this! SEO for industries works with different methods that are individually tailored to your law firm to optimize your visibility on the Google search engine.

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Onpage SEO

In on-page SEO, we work out suitable keywords that your target group is looking for. Examples of keywords relating to lawyers and law firms could be Lawyers/Lawyers Vienna Law firms/lawyers/attorneys Lower Austria Lawyer/Lawyer near me Based on these keywords, we create suitable service pages for your website. Don't have a website yet? No problem! We can also create a modern and clear website for you in the same breath. To optimize the website for your keywords, the content is of great importance. SEO texts, meta tags for images and much more will help you to achieve a higher ranking.

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Offpage SEO

Offpage optimization is an important part of any SEO strategy. We optimize your website so that it is classified as trustworthy by Google and therefore also by your future clients. The best way to build trust online is through entries in business and company directories on the one hand and links to strong websites on the other. For example, if a well-known, renowned website links to you, the search engine automatically knows that your site must also be relevant. However, backlink building can take a lot of time, which is why we usually address this topic after the basic structure of your search engine optimization (SEO).

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Local SEO

If you want to be found locally because your head office is located in a Viennese district, for example, then you are well advised to use Local SEO. With local SEO, we optimize the Google My Business entries for lawyers, attorneys or law firms and ensure that they can also be found via Google Maps. A subtle adjustment with a big impact: future clients search for a lawyer or solicitor in their area and automatically come across you!

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Last but not least, technology is of great value for industry-specific SEO. Your website should not only load quickly, but also perform well - both on desktop and mobile. That's why we optimize your mobile view and the loading time of your website in this step and thus signal to search engines that the website is trustworthy and professional. These signals to search engines such as Google in turn boost your ranking and bring you ever closer to position 1.

Our customers. Our pride and joy.

Our Agency Team for lawyers and attorneys

Three large Advantages at the Search Engine Optimization for lawyers


More visibility for your website: SEO measures give your website a higher trust rating in the long term, which has a strong influence on your Google ranking. → Better ranking = more visibility = more clients.


Strengthen your branding: Our creative SEO copywriters not only write content that is perfectly optimized for keywords, but are also able to incorporate your personal touch. A text interview and lots of research will strengthen your branding and boost your ranking.


Both eyes on the target: We are SEO experts and know exactly where to go! With a detailed SEO roadmap and monthly reports, you always know exactly where we currently stand with your project. This allows us to react to updates from Google and adapt your website and SEO strategy accordingly without your ranking suffering.

References. What our customers say.

Marcus Kemethofer set up a Google Ads campaign for us with us and helped us create a landing page that was top SEO optimized AND appealing to our customers. He was always on our side and very transparent about what he was doing and how it affected the numbers. He didn't just do it, he taught us along the way! Top!

Numbers don't lie - The number of hits on our homepage is constantly increasing with comma 99. The support is reliable and competent. We are delighted.

I appreciate Komma99 because they can explain the topic to me as an SEO beginner in a way that I understand what I need to understand for the cooperation but without overwhelming me with too many details. The people are reliable, responsive, friendly and very professional. I really enjoy working with them and can absolutely recommend them. Clear 👍

SEO for Lawyers and Law firms
- All the questions on the tip of your tongue

When you first hear about SEO or even know roughly what search engine optimization is, you probably have a big question mark in your head. Don't worry - we have summarized the most frequently asked questions about SEO here. If you still need answers, just get in touch with us!

Isn't search engine optimization for Google very time-consuming?

Anyone confronted with search engine optimization for the first time is initially reluctant. There are so many different areas to consider and so many measures to take that SEO becomes a full-time job. That's why online marketing agencies like us exist!

Our job as an SEO agency for lawyers is to make your law firm even more successful than it already is. We take all the measures in hand, take care of every little detail and you can sit back and watch the progress in the monthly reports. 

To answer the question briefly and succinctly: Yes, search engine optimization is expensive, but not for our customers!

Whether you want to do SEO on your own, have experts on your team or want to work with us - getting started is not easy. It's about precisely defining your target group, determining your goals and doing lots of research. We use all the information we have gathered and your wishes to create a SEO plan that we can stick to. We successively create new content based on this plan and the keywords and optimize at all ends. 

We start with in-depth keyword research to define the goal. We also create your website (or take care of optimizing your existing one), write SEO texts and fine-tune the technology. It's always handy to have experts like us for whom your project is a high priority and who know about possible updates quickly.

In principle, search engine optimization, whether for a lawyer or a dentist, is always about the user. Your future clients should click on the website, know their way around intuitively and ideally contact you straight away. It is therefore impossible to say in general terms what a website should look like. What is always important, however, is that the user's needs should always be at the forefront. An intuitive web design, combined with the personal touch of the company and cleverly placed call-to-actions, is actually already a win. 

We work with the CMS WordPress, which enables us to design your website in a personal, appealing and, above all, modern way. Regular consultation with you is very important to us - overall, you, your clients and Google should be satisfied with the web design - then we've done a good job!

The content can also include everything from A to Z. Perhaps a lean one-pager is enough for your venture. Maybe you want to start a blog in which you share tips from the everyday life of a lawyer with your clients. Or perhaps a glossary with specialist terms from the law firm could be useful for the user. 

In order to write the right content, prior research is of great importance. That's why we use keyword research to find out exactly what content your law firm's website needs. A lawyer in the Weinviertel may need different content than a lawyer in Vienna Margareten - individuality and a look at the competition give us the best feeling here!

We understand this question well - once you have started an SEO strategy, you really want to get started and ideally be on Google page 1 tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. 

At our marketing agency KOMMA99, we like to compare SEO to building a house. We build the foundations and the walls slowly rise, but it takes a while until the result - the finished house - is visible. With SEO, we are constantly fine-tuning various measures and monitor their success using reports. Although an SEO strategy only bears its first fruits after six months at the earliest, the success remains even after the search engine optimization has been completed. 

Do you want quick results? Then placing advertisements could be something for you. In Google Adwords, we plan campaigns that get you clicks from one day to the next. The difference is that you pay money per click and when we end the campaign, you are invisible online again. 

If you really want to have a sustainable online presence, it's best to let us advise you! With our many years of experience, we know exactly which individual levers we need to pull to ensure the success of your company.

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As a lawyer, do you want to make your law firm and your services visible and attract new clients? Then arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation now. We'll take care of your visibility!

KOMMA99- Your No. 1 Agency for SEO

As an online marketing agency with a focus on SEO and Google Ads, we are professionals in optimizing websites and online stores. Our goal is to help companies become visible online and thus generate more inquiries and more sales.

The focus is on comprehensive advice and the creation of a long-term online marketing strategy. We not only offer optimization and advice for lawyers or attorneys, but also provide support in other areas of online marketing such as SEO, Google Ads or web design.

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With us you will be found on Google

What are you waiting for? As your trusted online marketing agency, we take care of everything you need to get you to the top of the search engines as a lawyer or attorney. 

We focus on comprehensive and sustainable consulting and the creation of individual SEO or Google Ads strategies - because every company is unique and it is important to show this to the searching world.


The online marketing agency in Vienna . 

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