Glossary entry: SERP Snippet

What does SERP Snippet mean?

To understand what this term means, it helps to break it down: SERP is an abbreviation for the English term Search Engine Results Page - in German, these are the results of a search engine query. Google is one of the most used search engines and therefore the term Google Snippet has become established in the SEO field. Snippet means translated "snippet" and gives an insight into the found web pages.
Normally, only 10 results are displayed on the first page, plus any Google ads or results for images or shopping. Hardly any user gets to the second page of the search results - therefore it is important in the SEO area, with the help of the SERP snippet, to make your website particularly attractive for Google as well as for the user.


Why does it make sense to optimize a SERP snippet?

Accordingly, one of the simplest and most necessary measures for search engine optimization is the optimization of the snippet. The use of a keyword in the title is an important ranking factor - this has even been confirmed by Google. The description must attract the user to your website - this increases your CTR (Click Through Rate), translated click-through rate and this is indirectly again a positive user signal and this also affects the Google ranking.


How is the structure of a SERP snippet defined?

A SERP snippet is like a preview of your website and shows only a single result. This consists of a title, a URL and a description. The snippets are similar in the most popular search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, so an optimization by the tool SERP Snippet Generator is useful. The titles are usually kept in blue, the URL formerly in green, today in gray and the description also in gray or black.

  • The title should be short and crisp outlining the topic (only 55 characters) and corresponds to the meta title tag in the header.
  • The URL should be easy for the user to read and reflect the theme.
  • The description has a maximum length of 155 characters and is usually the meta description, which is stored in the header of the page. The aim of this description is to provide the user with interesting content and motivate him to read further - i.e. to click on the page.

If one of these elements is too long, it cannot be displayed completely and ends with "...". Thus, the important content must be displayed in compressed form so that it is not lost.

SERP Snippet K99


The extensions are called Rich Snippets

The basic elements title, URL and meta description remain. In addition, however, information such as ratings can be displayed as an extension.

The following topics are already supported by the search engine:


  • Authors
  • People
  • Prices
  • Company
  • Events and meetings
  • Organizations

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Reviews
  • Stock
  • Images
  • Recipes

This information must be provided with HTML markup in the source code - This helps search engines to recognize this type of data and display it if necessary.


How do I use the tool "SERP Snippet Generator" from KOMMA99?

When it comes to good SERP snippets, the right balance of keyword, CTA (Call to Action) and user-friendliness is crucial. However, the snippet should not be too long, but should still provide the user with the most important information.
To find the right balance, there are free tools that can help you do this, such as our in-house generator, which will help you optimize properly.


The handling of this tool is quickly explained.

Enter the desired SERP Title and SERP Content or Meta Description into the generator. The tool shows whether the optimal length is reached.

When the keyword is entered, it is automatically checked here whether this is included in the title as well as in the content.

For visual support, KOMMA99's snippet generator also shows you how this might look in the SERP.

For the webmasters among you, even the HTML code is provided at the end, which can be integrated on the website in a few steps.


Contained in SERP


0px / 580px

No title entered


0px / 990px

No meta description entered

This is what your SERP-snippet would look like:

Your HTML code to embed directly:

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