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Standing out from the crowd - that's what products and services have to do if they want to be sold. And so must the presentation of the products if they are to be convincing.

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A webshop can be equipped with a Shopify Agency be so simple

As an online marketing agency, we know which e-commerce store systems and web design are best suited to companies and the successful sale of products. That's why we only work with state-of-the-art store systems - and one of them is the WordPress plug-in Shopify! This can be seamlessly installed in your WordPress website and offers many options for customizing your store.

Find your design

The WordPress plug-in Shopify is not only modern, it also offers many web design templates. This gives your online store the design it deserves.

Free initial consultation

Do you want to combine modernity, design and simplicity in your online store to win new customers? Then arrange a free initial consultation now. We will support you in this process and advise you on other possible marketing measures such as SEO (search engine optimization), Google Ads and web design!

Click & buy thanks to the Shopify Webshop

With online stores, the motto is: click and buy 24/7. Because your online store is available around the clock. But it offers you even more advantages:

Automated sales process for products and services

Available worldwide - you can also sell in other countries

Sales-supporting web design

We get your "turnkey" online store online quickly. Development takes us from 4 weeks - so your customers can be shopping online with you after just one month!

Strengthen the relationship with you customers through Online marketing you create visibility and win new customers

Our Shopify agency sees itself as your partner at eye level. That's why we make sure that your online store not only works perfectly, but is also found. 

We are an official Google Partner. We boost your marketing and bring webshops and their products and services to the attention of Google and customers. We offer services such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (Google Ads), web design, email marketing, social media, content creation and much more. If you also offer your products offline, we support you with local SEO measures for your regional visibility.

Our online marketing services

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Free of charge Shopify Consulting virtually or in person

Sounds exciting? It is! Just get in touch and let us advise you!

What does Shopify so special?

Do you really want to know the reason why we love Shopify? Clear answer: It is one of the most modern and powerful e-commerce platforms, allowing us to get the best opportunities for you and your business.

Wide range of payment options

You decide which option is best for you and, above all, your customers. Whether invoice, credit card or e-payment - Shopify makes it possible.

No maintenance work, no software

Since Shopify is an online webshop solution, you can say goodbye to maintenance work and updates. All updates and the hosting itself are carried out by Shopify.

Additional bonus: You don't need to install any additional software for your store. As a WordPress plug-in, it can be easily connected to your current WordPress website.

Expansion options

With additional functions, you can expand your online store with Shopify as much as you want. 

The system offers a wide range of apps and functions that you can integrate free of charge or at low cost.

Everyone loves the check-out

Checkout is a tricky point, because if it doesn't fit, customers will bounce shortly before the purchase. With Shopify, this risk is minimized - Shopify's checkout is considered the best converting.

Still not sure if Shopify is the best option for you? We can also create your store with the WordPress plugin WooCommerce!

Projects of our Shopify agency

Our references in the area of online stores and e-commerce marketing

Your new online store in 6 steps - with our Shopify agency


Planning & concept

In order to design your Shopify store perfectly, we get to know each other in advance. In a personal initial meeting (also online if desired), we will define the goal and your expectations. You will then receive suggestions for the web design from which you can choose.

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Basic structure & texts

Once the design has been finalized, we define the basic structure (menu and pages) of your store and then start developing the Shopify online store for your company. If you do not have your own texts, we will be happy to take care of the text creation.

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Webshop development & customization

We create your store in the specified web design and integrate all the desired content and elements. We pay particular attention to the user experience to give your customers the best possible shopping experience in your Shopify webshop. If you wish, we can also add your products.


Feedback & online walk

We show you the design of your store and make changes in a correction loop. After this optimization, we put your new Shopify webshop online. At the same time, our experts will test your store to make sure that all functions for the purchasing process are error-free.

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Maintenance & Support

Of course, we will also provide you with training in the Shopify system. This will allow you to make small changes yourself in the future and make you more independent. However, if you would like maintenance or support in the future, we will also be happy to assist you.

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Online marketing

The sixth step is optional - but we recommend this step to anyone who wants to be successful with their Shopify store. As an online marketing agency, we also offer you SEO and SEA measures so that you can further boost your online store. Whether you need services such as search engine optimization (SEO), AdWords (Google Ads) or social media - we are your partner for your optimal online presence!

Non-binding offer

Are you looking forward to Shopify as your new e-commerce solution like a Rhino? Then get in touch with us! We'll make your e-commerce convincing and successful. We would also be happy to advise you on other marketing measures for your company such as SEO, SEA, web design and more!

What you get with our Shopify agency

We support your company as an equal partner. You can rely on these services with us:

Modern store system

Shopify is now the most successful cloud webshop system - so we rely on modern technology.

Professional & fast development

We make your Shopify store technically flawless, secure & GDPR-compliant.

Individual & turnkey

Whether classic or ultra-modern: We customize the design of your store to your wishes. Your Shopify project will then be handed over to you - without any effort on your part.

Mobile optimization

Today it's smartphone before PC. We optimize your store for all common devices and browsers so that your customers can also find and access your store on Google via their smartphone.

Personal all-round support

We are always there for you - you are in constant contact with our e-commerce experts and receive the best possible support from them.

Training for your online store

The Shopify system is very simple. You can also add products quickly and easily. We provide you with detailed training and record the whole process on video. This way, you'll be well equipped to make future changes to your online store yourself.

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Online marketing from a professional

As an online marketing agency specializing in e-commerce, SEO and SEA, we take your entire online presence to the next level. With us, you benefit from:

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEA (Google Ads)


Social media support

Content creation and marketing

and much more.

Our Shopify Agency for your Success

Window shopping was yesterday - online shopping is today! 

That's why our experts design web stores in such a way that they invite you to linger and buy. 

How does that work? 

Through a unique shopping experience. Our expertise in web design and user experience turns stores into customer magnets. And of course at fixed prices - there are no hidden costs with our services.

SEO, SEA & Co - Our other services for your success

Do you want to boost your store even further? Then think about the SEO and SEA marketing services.

With SEO (search engine optimization) technical and content optimizations are carried out for your Shopify webshop. Thanks to SEO, your store will end up on page 1 of Google in the long term.

Do you rely on SEA (search engine advertising)you place paid ads (Google Ads) that direct people quickly and specifically to your store. These ads appear above the "normal" search results in Google Search.

Set up with our Shopify agency:

  • Target group oriented web design.
  • Experience with Shopify and online marketing
  • Additional services such as SEO, Google Ads, web design, social media, content creation, email marketing and much more. 
  • Increase in inquiries & sales
  • Advice & Support

The online marketing agency in Vienna.

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