Glossary entry: Social SEO

Social SEO: Definition and explanation of the technical term 

Social SEO refers to the combination of social media marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). SEO and social media marketing - these are basically two completely different areas of online marketing, which offer different content. In this article we explain the term Social SEO and show possible connections of these two online marketing areas.


Social SEO - The connection of social media and SEO

The most likely connection of social media and SEO are backlinks. Backlinks refer in the field of search engine optimization the linking of websites with each other. If websites are linked in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, this linking of the website can also be called a backlink. This is an indirect build-up of backlinks for Google through social media activities. However, a clear differentiation must be made here: Classic backlinks from website to website have a stronger impact on SEO for Google than social signals.


What are social signals?

Social signals are, for example, the collective likes or shares on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that can be specifically assigned to a website. These signals are indications of how relevant certain content is for the target group. Social signals thus include the entire Social media visibility of a website from the perspective of Google. 

How can search engines determine these social signals? 

Basically quite simple, because if companies are present in social networks, then they are linked to this channel. Similar to Backlinks (linking of websites with other websites) search engines recognize the linking of website and social media platform. If companies are thus present and visible on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Co, this can have a positive effect on visibility in search engines. 


Social media profiles rank on Google

If companies create social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc., they are very likely to rank within search engines such as Google. If users search for the company name, they will probably find the website or a video about it in the first position. 


Directly below it could additionally show up the company's social media profiles, or generated content - a clear advantage in terms of visibility in social media and search engines. 


Social SEO with Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google. (Here you go to the blog article "YouTube SEO") But because a large community has also gathered here, Youtube can be seen both as a search engine and as a social media platform. 

The distribution of qualitative content (video) via Youtube can have great added value for both SEO and social media marketing and generate traffic. Through a targeted focus, a video can rank for certain terms for top positions in Youtube. Often Youtube videos are also displayed as direct search results in organic search by Google, which further emphasizes the relevance of Youtube videos and their content. 


A video on Youtube can thus achieve a ranking both within the Youtube search engine and directly on Google. In both cases, the content gets more reach through the attention of users. 


The differences between social media marketing and search engine marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - SEO & SEA

Die beiden Online Marketing Bereiche Social Media Marketing und Suchmaschinenmarketing sind grundsätzlich zwei komplett unterschiedliche Felder im Online Marketing. Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEM) umfasst die zwei Bereiche Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) und Suchmaschinenwerbung (SEA). Das Ziel von SEO ist es, Webseiten und Online-Shops unter relevanten Suchbegriffen an oberster organischer Stelle in Suchmaschinen zu positionieren. 

Organic positions in search engines can be achieved naturally - with qualitative content, good technology and the thereby increasing relevance of a website. Through good content, which meet the expectations of users, can thus increase traffic and inquiries about a website. The search engine advertising (SEA) pursues a completely different goal than SEO - here it is about placing advertisements in search engines. These ads are not organic but are deliberately displayed at the top positions in search engines. Unlike SEO, you have to pay here for the advertising space, and per click. 

Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Instagram & Co

Unlike search engine marketing, it is Social Media Marketing (SMM) not about optimizing search engines, but companies within social media platforms present represent. Specifically, social media marketing is about strategic action planning for the use of social media for companies to achieve goals such as more reach or more sales. Unlike search engine marketing, which is almost entirely about generating more sales, social media marketing also has a focus on branding. So here, depending on the strategy, both the Increase in brand awareness, as well as the increase in sales is the focus.


Social SEO - Conclusion

Social media is not an official ranking factor for search engine optimization. However, visibility in social networks can indirectly influence the Google ranking of a website. Both in the field of SEO and social media can good content increase user traffic to websites. If the content is coordinated across platforms - website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Co. - results in a coherent picture for users, which can have a positive impact on branding.

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