Visibility index (Sichtbarkeitsindex)

The visibility index makes the success of each individual page in the Google search engines measurable and thus comparable. It is therefore an important key figure for search engine optimization and an important KPI for online marketing agencies.

The more visibility your website achieves, the higher the value of your domain.


Visibility index - definition and explanation of the technical term

The index is based on millions of data and is an indicator for the visibility of a website, for the online presence and for the keywords positioning in the Google ranking - Because that's how the value of the domain measured. Many tools such as Xovi or Sistrix offer the possibility to determine the visibility index. It's a well-known metric in the SEO Area to develop the set SEO measures track.


Understand & evaluate the visibility index metrics

The visibility index was created by SEO specialists from Sistrix 2008. In order to determine the visibility value, the first 100 rankings out of several million Keywords determines which are thematically broad and cover the most common terms or search combinations. The visibility index results from the ranking of the monitored keywords, the traffic to be expected from the position and the traffic to be expected from the keyword.

To put it simply – as a basis for the calculations, three important factors are determined and combined:

  1. The number of keywords your page ranks with
  2. The search volume of keywords
  3. The possible click-through rate of the position of these keywords

By adding more pages, new keyword focus and better positions it is possible to strengthen your domain and improve your visibility index.


How meaningful is the visibility index?

The index shows the user a number that represents the quality of your domain's rankings.

However, due to the large database and keyword sets, this is not live data - so the figure does not necessarily reflect the current status. In addition, it must be remembered that the visibility index is not always meaningful.

Example: If local Google search results (SERP) can be found for generic keywords.

However, top rankings, top KPIs and top visibility do not mean that traffic improves.

In order to understand the visibility index and, above all, to interpret it correctly, it is not enough to know the value, but you must understand the correlations and draw the right conclusions for the further SEO strategy.


Visibility index in SEO area

The index is a meaningful key figure to observe the effects of SEO measures and to correct them by further steps if necessary. However, the visibility index of different industries cannot be compared with each other. If a website is a niche product that achieves excellent positions for certain keywords with a good search volume, the visibility index can still be very low. This is because the niche keywords are not included in the calculation pool.

For an online marketing agency, tools like Sistrix or XOVI represent an important tool.  Using these tools, the agency can determine the value of the domian "OVI" and recognize and analyze the visibility in Google compared to the competition. As a user, this tool (for example, Sistrix) shows you the development of the website. With the knowledge, targeted measures can be set to achieve the goals in the SEO area. To understand what a good visibility index is in the first place, it is necessary to analyze the competition.

It is not so important to increase the visibility index to a certain value, but to outperform the competition.

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