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Online presence is the key to success in our digital world.


Without a website you won't be found and with a non-optimized website you won't win any customers. What do you need to be visible on the web? That's right - services from your web agency in Vienna!


More attention. More turnover.

We know exactly how important an online presence is for your company and how you can easily draw attention to yourself. We also know that more attention and visibility will not only generate more new customers for your company, but also more inquiries and more sales.


Would you now like to immerse yourself in the world of online marketing and give your company's online presence a glow-up?


Then our services are just right for you!

Free initial consultation

Are you ready to take off with digital marketing on the World Wide Web and give your company's online presence a glow-up? Then arrange a free initial consultation now. We'll find your solution to success!

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How to achieve more visibility at a glance with your web agency from Vienna:


Search Engine Optimization

If you want to rank number 1 in Google, you have to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). But the rise doesn't happen overnight - our satisfied SEO customers have been with us for years and optimize their site with us every month.


Through technology, design, content and backlinks, we achieve the desired positioning in the long term. The investment pays off - you generate more new customers, more inquiries and a lot more turnover in the long term.

From 1.399,00 EUR


SEA - Google Ads

If you don't want to wait long to reach position 1, you might be interested in Google AdWords (SEA). Here we don't have to spend a lot of time tweaking, but reach the top position immediately after the paid ads go online.


SEA brings more visibility and inquiries in the short term - ads are displayed in the search network or on other platforms such as YouTube.

From 599,00 EUR


Social media

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, ... - we put you in the spotlight of your target group with social media marketing. The following applies to social media channels: the more beautiful, colorful and appealing your design and content, the better.


That's why we dress your brand beautifully for social media, plan your content strategically and place targeted ads to strengthen your branding.

From 599,00 EUR


Content Marketing

As a web agency based in Vienna, our aim with content marketing is to provide your prospects and customers with valuable and, above all, relevant content.


Whether your target group is interested in products and their product descriptions or prefers to read blogs and then place orders with you, it doesn't matter - we create optimal content for your future customers.

Price on request


Newsletter marketing

Email marketing, or newsletter marketing, goes directly to your customers. The target group receives your selected content every month, every quarter or every year. This way, your (new) customers can always stay up to date - a newsletter can be particularly useful in the area of e-commerce, i.e. in combination with your online store.


As a web agency from Vienna, we are happy to take on the task of creating and designing your newsletter and take care of the mailing and KPI measurement.

From 1.999,00 EUR


1:1 Workshop

Do you prefer to take care of optimizing your website yourself? Then we, as an agency from Vienna, will be happy to teach you in our workshops what is important in online marketing.


No matter which of our areas you are most interested in - SEO, SEA, website creation, social media and more - a workshop at KOMMA99 will keep you up to date and provide you with new knowledge on specific steps that will move your company forward.

From 1.999,00 EUR


Website and web design

Your digital business card is your website based on an appealing design - so if you need a new website or want to optimize your existing one, KOMMA99 is the right place for you!


As a web agency from Vienna, we use the CMS WordPress. This allows us to create your website in a modern, uncomplicated and, above all, appealing design. When it comes to web design, we know exactly what your target group wants - which is why we are also happy to combine SEO or SEA with your new web design in CMS WordPress.

From 2.099,00 EUR



Shopping can also be done sitting down and from home - with your new online store. We support our customers in the area of e-commerce marketing, but also in online store development.


For a brand new online store, we use Shopify or WooCommerce with the WordPress CMS. But you don't always need a website to sell - which is why we are also happy to advise you on Amazon marketing, the world's largest online store.

Price on request


Online marketing consulting

As a web agency, we don't just advise you on SEO, Google Ads or your website with the WordPress CMS - we also advise and help you with many different issues relating to your online presence.


Whether conversion rate optimization, mobile marketing or affiliate marketing - together we will find out what will lead your company to its goal and optimize your website or online store with the right online marketing mix.

Price on request

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Our agency team is available for your Online marketing success

We make companies throughout Austria and beyond visible online.

If you've made it this far down, either our content is so good that you can't stop reading - or we haven't convinced you yet. Give us the chance to get to know you and your company in a no-obligation initial meeting. 

This way we can determine together which strategy is best for you:

Let's take the step towards more visibility for your company together!

Your partner for targeted Online Marketing & Co.

At KOMMA99, we are more than an agency - we are strategic partners for effective online marketing that tells stories, creates connections and drives growth. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, from SEO and Google Ads to social media campaigns and customized content strategies.

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If our consultation has convinced you, we look forward to a successful collaboration.

Free initial consultation

Ready to revolutionize your online marketing? Get your free initial consultation for tailor-made advice from our agency now. Together we will uncover potential, identify opportunities and define paths to your digital success. Book an appointment now!

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