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We take over the regular support and maintenance of your website - from technical optimization to content creation and secure maintenance.

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Website support & maintenance

WordPress maintenance

Updating updates and plugins for WordPress websites.

Content creation and maintenance

Regular content creation (blog articles, news articles) for your homepage.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization (e.g. pagespeed optimization) of websites.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimization of websites for search engines like Google.

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for external website support

The online world is in a constant state of flux. There are new versions of website systems (CMS), search engines like Google change through their regular algorithm updates. Keeping track of necessary updates, security checks and optimization of a website can be a big challenge. Regular maintenance and website support by an agency can help.


A good homepage is always technically up to date. Quite apart from the fact that the homepage must work perfectly on different devices, all buttons should also be clickable, as well as all pages callable.

The CMS WordPress and plugins that can be integrated into WordPress always require new updates.

Not all updates are necessary or even useful - our technicians weigh which updates need to be made to professionally implement website maintenance.


A successful website offers its target group up-to-date content and information. The content of a homepage includes the presentation of services from the introduction of the company to the offered service or the presentation of products.

Regular distribution of informative content, such as blog or news articles, can also be a great added value of a website.

A website is the digital flagship of companies and is accordingly also the anchor point for their customers. As an agency, we take care of updating existing content and developing new content.


Just like the entire online world, design opportunities are on a strong upswing.

A homepage that was convincing with its web design 10 years ago is probably no longer up-to-date for new target groups today.

To keep up with the times, it is therefore important to regularly check the web design of a website and adapt it if necessary.

This allows the design requirements to be met and optimizes user orientation and navigation.

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Website support - What is it exactly?

A website support can include maintenance through updates, updating plugins, security checks, technical optimizations and also content maintenance and creation. The maintenance (updates, plugins, security checks, functionality testing) is a Must-Have for each website - technical optimizations and content maintenance are optional.

External website support by a professional agency provides more room for internal resources and security through personal support from experts.

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Advantages of website support

Maintenance & Updates

Updates are applied regularly, plugins are updated and technical functionality is checked - this is how we ensure that a website is secure, functional and accessible.

Technical &
content optimization

In an ongoing support we optimize existing content, create new content and perform regular technical optimizations (e.g. pagespeed optimization). Through search engine optimization (SEO), we optimize a website to position it under specific search terms (keywords) in search engines such as Google.

Website professionals at work

Our technicians and content creators are professionals in their field - as our customer you benefit from our expert knowledge and experience in the online world. We know about every Google algorithm update, know the latest trends in web design and know how to protect a website.

New website instead of optimization - why?

Many websites are so outdated in their basic technical structure and web design that optimizing these deficiencies would take more time than creating a completely new website.

There are many content management systems (CMS) that can be used to create websites. CMS come and go - this means that once new systems may simply not work by now. A consistent CMS is WordPress, which on the one hand is characterized by a simple website development and on the other hand by an easy website maintenance and clear content structure .

This CMS has also proven itself in combination with search engine optimization (SEO), as technical and content optimizations can be implemented very easily and quickly.

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Old website
New website

We as an online marketing agency offer not only the maintenance of existing websites but also the development of new websites in CMS WordPress. Since one of our core services is search engine optimization (SEO), we can start from scratch when creating a new website from Consider technical and content optimization from the beginning.

We are an online marketing agency from Vienna, which serves customers in the area of websites, SEO and more. In doing so, we support not only companies in Vienna, but also beyond in all of Austria to beyond the national borders. If we have aroused your interest, please contact us.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on whether website maintenance is possible, whether a new website should be considered
and which online marketing measures can be useful.