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Which plugin is right for me?

Anyone who has ever built a WordPress website has faced the same problem as many others. Which plugins should I use - what are the best plugins for my needs? Now we come into play and give you in this blog the basic questions on your way to your new website, which you can and should ask yourself every time you build a new WordPress website. Here are our basic questions about building a website with WordPress plugins:


  • What should the website be able to do? 

This is the first big question you should answer. This is where all the information is gathered so that you can use the right WordPress plugins on your site during the setup process. 

→ Go to "This is what your website should be able to do".


  • How does the website remain performant? 

A very critical point when you build a website that should achieve a lot of traffic. Here you need WordPress plugins that do not negatively affect the performance of your website, but increase the performance of your site.

→ Go to "So-your-website-stays-performant".


  • Who should use the website and how? 

It always depends on who gets to see the website and how - whether it's a members area or whether you set up special access for employees, so that they then get access to the areas important to them. Here too, there are WordPress plugins and features that can help you with your site!

→ Go to "These people should use your website so".


  • How much time should be invested in maintenance? 

And last but not least, you should of course also think about how complex the maintenance of the website should be. Here, too, WordPress can support you immensely with its plugins and functions.

→ Go to "So much time should be invested in maintenance".


The best WordPress plugins at a glance


This is what your website should be able to do

Let's move on to the best WordPress plugins that will enhance your website in a big way. 

For example, you want to create a simple website that consists of a main page and a handful of pages below it. And since you're using a content management system (CMS) with WordPress, it would be best if you didn't have to write any code by hand, but could just push all the elements into place and create the page quite easily.

For this we present you the plugin Elementor (Pro) with its various functions!


Elementor (Pro) Page Builder


Elementor is exactly the right tool for this task. You can quickly and easily create websites in a clearly designed menu and the finished pages are also extremely performant! The free version of Elementor offers you the possibility to design simple websites. Should it be something fancy then we suggest you the "Pro" variant to the heart. With Elementor Pro nothing more stands in your way to create professional websites!

Wordpress Plugin Comma99 Elementor

Pro Elementor
  • Easy entry
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast results
Contra Elementor
  • It is quite possible to get lost in the countless menus.
Cost Elementor

Standard version: Free
Pro version: from $49/year

Essential Addons for Elementor


An extension plugin for Elementor is Essential Addons for Elementor.

With this WordPress plugin it is possible for you to push the functionality of Elementor to the extreme! More than 40 widgets await you in this plugin, with which you can further optimize your websites. Since Essential Addons for Elementor builds on Elementor itself, it also has the advantage that you don't have to worry about how this plugin works, since it is to be operated in Elementor itself.

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 Elementor Essential Addons

Pro Essential Addons
  • Just as easy to use as Elementor
  • Very many elements available in the free version
  • Unnecessary functions can be switched off
Contra Essential Addons
  • Individual widgets behave partly nonconforming
Cost Essential Addons

Standard version: Free
Pro version: from $39.79

WPBakery Page Builder


The WordPress plugin WPBakery is one of the most popular page builder plugins on the market. This plugin gives you a lot of customization options, like Elementor, but in a style all its own.

It includes all the elements for editing in the Gutenberg editor, so you don't need to switch to another interface when editing. Besides, this plugin also has the ability to make changes in the frontend.
The menus are all to be found in the editor itself and it can also be included various supplied widgets.

Wordpress plugin comma99 Wpbakery

Per WPBakery
  • Many methods to build a website
  • Well customizable
Contra WPBakery
  • Somewhat sluggish on weak servers
  • The backend partly causes difficulties with the drag and drop menu
Costs WPBakery

Standard version: from $45


How to keep your website performing

WordPress is a fast CMS but the more plugins you use, the more carrier the website becomes. Since many plugins are loaded even when they are not actually visible, care must be taken to install only those that are really needed. 

Fortunately, there are non-visible plugins that have the best additional positive impact on performance. 

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 WPOptimize



WP-Optimize is a small helper with a big impact! This WordPress plugin offers you a good selection of optimization options - For example, caching important data of your website so that your visitors have better and faster loading times. Then you can also automatically compress the content, such as images - This in turn also leads to better loading times. On top of that, the WordPress plugin offers you the function of cleaning your website database. An all-round package that you should not disregard!

Per WP-Optimize
  • Fully optimized in just a few clicks
  • More in-depth settings possible
Contra WP-Optimize
  • With unstable servers, you should refrain from database optimization, as it can cause damage to the website.
Costs WP-Optimize

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from $39/year


WP Rocket


Like WP-Optimize, WP Rocket is also a plugin that can give websites a boost in terms of performance. It has cache functions, compression techniques as well as e-commerce settings, so that, for example, in online stores the buying process is not interrupted..

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 WP Rocket

Pro WP Rocket
  • Many setting options
  • Larger scope than WP-Optimize
Contra WP Rocket
  • Only paid version
Costs WP Rocket

Standard version: from $49


These people should use your website like that

The simplest settings exist up to the most complicated configurations when it comes to rights distribution. There are many WordPress plugins where it is about the internal as well as external security.
Every WordPress website includes a small section that deals with users. Here you will find several roles. Namely: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. Without plugins, it will be hard to make specific settings.

Members - Membership & User Role Editor Plugin


Members has been created exactly for this task. With this WordPress plugin, you have all the tools in hand to customize the website exactly according to groups of users. Whether it is a VIP section or even a customer account. With Members you create without much trouble exactly the right permissions!

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 Memberpress

Per Members
  • Easy learning curve
  • Very precise settings possible
Contra Members
  • Subscription policies only in the pay model
  • Additional features are very expensive
Costs Members

Standard version: Free

Per Version: from $179/year

Custom Login Page Customize / LoginPress



A small but very helpful WordPress plugin is Custom Login Page Customize / LoginPress. This is a plugin that has the task of being able to customize a login area down to the last detail. In combination with Members unfolds this plugin but its full strength, because you can direct website visitors to the login area!

Wordpress Plugin Comma99 LoginPress

Per LoginPress
  • Very flexible
  • Variety of settings
  • Combines well with other plugins
Contra LoginPress 
  • Good security features only in the paid version
Costs LoginPress

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from $39/year


This much time should be invested in maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, it always depends on how much time you want to spend or have already invested in advance. Since time is precious, you should always think about which plugins can make your life easier in the future. With a backup function already begins the first step in making work easier and investing time.

UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore


UpdraftPlus Backup / Restore is the best place to go when it comes to backups. With this WordPress plugin it is possible for you to create a backup quickly and easily. In case of difficulties with the website, UpdraftPlus offers an easy restoration of your previously backed up data. A wise man once said: "No backup, no pity!"

Wordpress Plugin Comma99 UpdraftPlus

Per UpdraftPlus
  • Very simple operation
  • Automation possible
  • Fast backups and recovery
Contra UpdraftPlus
  • Free version offers only a basic backup function
Costs UpdraftPlus

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from $42/year

Easy Updates Manager


The Easy Updates Manager is from the same manufacturer as UpdraftPlus and is recommended for that reason among others! It can be very time-consuming if you use many plugins on a website that need regular updates. Among other things, however, there are plugins that should not take every update, otherwise there may be serious problems on pages. That's why smart minds have developed this WordPress plugin to save a lot of time and headaches!

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 Easy Updates Manager

Pro Easy Updates Manager
  • Inherently compatible with UpdraftPlus
  • Easy to understand 
  • Good configurability
Contra Easy Updates Manager
  • Automations only from the Premium version
Costs Easy Updates Manager

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from $29/year

Wordfence Security - Firewall & Malware Scan


Wordfence is also a WordPress plugin you should know about. It reduces the likelihood of getting malicious code on your website through possible foreign plugins or unverified uploads. Among other things, the plugin also keeps uninvited guests away with a proprietary firewall, as it keeps contacting its manufacturer and updating its list of "bad guys".

Wordpress Plugin Komma99 Wordfence

Per Wordfence
  • Many Pro functions also included in the free version
  • Integrated virus scanner directly on the website
  • Firewall individually adjustable
Contra Wordfence
  • "Real Time Firewall" in the free version has a 30-day delay in virus signature updates
  • Real Time IP Blocking only from Pro version onwards
Costs Wordfence

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from $99/year




YOAST SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins that makes the maintenance of your website much easier, if you do effective SEO. Here you have extremely many possibilities to optimize your blog posts, pages, or if you run a store, even the products for search engines ideal. Whether it is about the META Title and the description, or the review of the used SEO text, this plugin offers all these functions in one central point - in the editor.

Wordpress plugin comma99 YOAS SEO

  • Very many functions also included in the free version
  • Central administrative office
  • BATCH processing possible
  • Redirect Manager only from Pro version
  • Elementor integrations only from Pro version

Standard version: Free

Pro version: from €89/year


The decision
on the best WordPress plugins is up to you

In this blog, we have introduced you to the best plugins for WordPress to create your own site, or even a variety of sites. You can, depending on the focus, freely choose which WordPress plugins you want to include, and which plugins from the blog rather less appeal to you for your pages.

Choose the best WordPress plugins for you - We hope you could get a good overview with this blog and choose your favorite plugins and use them in the future!

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