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Webshop development

We create your sales-boosting webshop - in WordPress WooCommerce or Shopify. So that your products get the showcase they deserve.

E-commerce marketing

We create the perfect marketing strategy to increase the performance of your online store. With SEO, SEA, social media, newsletter marketing and more, we create the perfect marketing mix.

E-commerce consulting

Your webshop is not selling? We analyze your store and identify optimization potential. We advise you on all possibilities of conversion optimization.

Personal all-round support

Our e-commerce experts are on fire for every project. With our all-round support, you are always in contact and well looked after by our contact persons from Austria (Vienna).

Our successful customers are our pride and joy

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It's that easy - our e-commerce services for your online store

The starting signal for your project
As an e-commerce agency, we support companies in online store development, support and optimization. Every project starts with an initial meeting, planning and strategy - so that we know where the successful journey should go.
Online Shop Development
We design and develop online stores in the store systems Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce. We advise you in the areas of design, structure, content and also in solutions for interfaces (e.g. merchandise management).
E-commerce marketing
As an online marketing agency, we know how products can be sold online. Selling via online stores is the goal - but there are many different ways to get there. We advise and support you on the topics of search engine marketing (SEO & SEA), social media, newsletters and more.
All-round support from our e-commerce experts
As an e-commerce agency, we love new challenges - we personally support our clients throughout the entire project. From conception and planning to intensive consulting on all e-commerce issues - our team is happy to be your partner every step of the way.

Our E Commerce Experts

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Send us your current online store or tell us about your ideas.
We will advise you about the possibilities.

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An online store - many possibilities

When it comes to e-commerce marketing, there are a variety of options.
The perfect marketing mix results from the goals and the strategy that leads to the achievement of the goals.

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) as well as search engine advertising (SEA). Search engine marketing is all about - as the name suggests - search engines like Google. The goal in both cases (SEO & SEA) is a position on Google page 1, at best among the very first results.

Why? More clicks + more visitors = more sales and inquiries. In SEO we speak of optimization for organic search resultsThis means that web stores are positioned organically (without an advertising budget) on Google page 1 in terms of content, technology and also by linking to other pages. With SEA (Google AdWords) is advertising budget is used to achieve positioning at the very front to reach. If products from online stores are advertised via Google AdWords, this advertising takes place via Google Shopping.

We all know it: Once you've bought something from an online store, you're usually automatically on the mailing list.

What is often implemented in a very annoying and unprofessional way can offer a high added value for stores if well planned. Email marketing is an important part of any e-commerce strategy, as email marketing is considered to be THE communication channel to regular customers.

News about offers or discounts can attract the attention of the target group and lead them to the store again and again. On the one hand, this results in a valuable touchpoint in the customer journey and, on the other, a high probability of more sales and revenue in the web store.

Email marketing (newsletter)

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing offers the unique opportunity to place products where the target group spends its time anyway. Skillfully implemented, a social media strategy focuses the actions and goals of an online store. Above all, the target group must be taken into account - because it is their attention and interest that must be gained.

Crucial to a social media marketing strategy is content planning - both at the level of organic distribution and ad placement. Here, content must be thought of holistically, because at best, content planning extends across multiple platforms to the online store itself.

Social media measures in particular can be combined with other online marketing measures. Perfectly optimized Google Ads landing pages can also be used for social ads, and newsletters can be used to strengthen branding and customer loyalty with a focus on the individual social media.

E-commerce marketing does not always have to take place in the online store. Amazon is often the first port of call for many people worldwide when searching for products. With Amazon SEO and PPC marketing, the visibility of the brand can be built up in the long term and the number of sales within the marketplace can be increased.

As an e-commerce agency, we put your products in the focus of your target group on Amazon and build your brand intensively. In order to sustainably generate more sales via Amazon, you need a strategy that is individually tailored to the respective product and long-term continuous optimization.

Amazon Marketing

Why an e-commerce agency?

Why do you need an e-commerce agency at all?
Can't you do it all yourself?

We claim: No. At least not if you have no e-commerce and marketing experience. E Commerce agencies support companies primarily in the development of sales-boosting online stores (design & programming), as well as in conversion optimization. Online stores have to sell - only then are they successful in the long term. Sometimes it is small screws that need to be turned to achieve a sustainable improvement in performance. However, it can also happen that a completely new e-commerce strategy is the key to success.

E Commerce agencies like us help their clients create the perfect buying experience for their target audience. If a web store can exceed the expectations of the target group, this has a positive effect in several areas:

A unique customer experience

24/7 visibility

A web store offers the possibility to sell around the clock.
The prerequisite for this to succeed: a unique customer experience that meets all expectations.
We, as an e-commerce agency, support you in this.

Flawless technology
Optimal purchase process

Webshops can be developed in different systems. Among the most popular are Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce, Shopware and Magento. All store systems offer different interfaces and solutions. We as an agency develop webshops in Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce systems.

With online stores, it's not just the design that counts, but also the technology in the background. The careful implementation of interfaces, the functional link with payment systems, as well as mobile optimization lead to an optimal sales process.

No matter how well the technology works, if the design of the web store doesn't offer a unique sales experience for your target group, sales won't happen. The web design must attract customers and bind them to the brand. We as an e-commerce agency are happy to support you with design consulting, design implementation and also development.

Every project is unique and every web store must radiate this uniqueness, because it has only a few seconds to gain the trust of potential customers. The web design of a store is an essential part of the path to success. Important to consider: The design should run through all marketing channels and platformsThe common thread in the design is essential for branding and customer loyalty.

Target group oriented design
Sales increase

E-commerce marketing
Reaching customers at all levels

The perfectly designed online store does not generate customers without marketing measures. We are your e-commerce partners and advise you on which online marketing measures make sense for your brand. Our focus is on search engine marketing (SEO & SEA), social media marketing and also marketing automation such as email marketing (newsletter).

We know what measures need to be implemented to reach target groups at all levels. Every brand is unique and so individual must be the marketing strategy. As a Vienna-based online marketing agency, we serve our clients throughout Austria and beyond.

E-commerce workshops

Tips from the experts: from online window shopping to purchase

How do you get the target group to buy?
Already have an online store, but want tips on optimizing the buying experience for your target audience?

In our e-commerce workshops, we show you what is important in e-commerce marketing and which optimizations you can implement in your web store.