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The visibility of your brand is our mission

Amazon - is the first port of call for many people around the world when it comes to e-commerce, i.e. buying and selling products online. The German e-commerce marketplace www.amazon.dewhich is used not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland, counts an average of 500 million users. So in the German-speaking world, about half a billion people a month go in search of products in the Marketplace Amazon. With Amazon SEO and PPC Marketing we support you as an agency to build up the visibility of your brand in the long run. We put your products in the focus of your target group and build your brand in Amazon through intensive optimization and consulting.

Why KOMMA99 for Amazon Marketing?

As Online marketing agency with focus on SEO & PPC we stand for more visibility for our customers. We are experts when it comes to positioning companies in sight of their customers in the long term - both on Google and in e-commerce search engines such as Amazon.

"If you focus on your competitors, you have to wait for them to act.
A focus on the customer, on the other hand, allows you to be a pioneer."

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Good products have to be well presented in order to be noticed by the target group. We know what it takes to present products in such a way that they appeal to the target group. And the expectations of the target group meet. However, Amazon Marketing is not only focused on the product itself - the strategy and ongoing optimization are also necessary to sustainably generate more sales through Amazon.

We accompany you as an Amazon agency in a collaboration from start to finish, from vendor account creation, to successful sales on Amazon. Our experts cover all services related to trading in Amazon Marketplace from: Amazon SEO, PPC marketing, optimization of existing Ads campaigns, management of Sellor and Vendor accounts and ongoing consulting in all Amazon areas.

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More visibility and more sales on Amazon

Through Amazon SEO and PPC, we position brands and their products in front of the target audience.

Professional Amazon consulting and service

Our experienced team supports companies in gaining a foothold as sellers in Amazon Marketplace and positioning their products for the long term.

Full-service agency support for Amazon

One agency for all e-commerce consulting. We support companies from online store performance to Amazon SEO and PPC.

Your Amazon Marketing Agency

As an online marketing agency with a focus on search engine marketing we have also developed a passion for Amazon Marketing. The Amazon marketplace is the largest digital product search engine in the world - if you sell products and don't engage with Amazon as a marketplace, you're missing a lucrative opportunity to generate more sales.

Our unique selling point as an agency is our broad know-how in the entire online marketing field of search engine marketing. We serve our customers from the E-commerce strategy for Amazon through Search engine optimization (SEO) up to Google Ads (SEA). Every search engine works differently - so do Google and Amazon. Our team knows which measures have to be taken to present companies and their services and products visibly in Google and also Amazon.

We take care of your Amazon Performance
Amazon Full Service Marketing Agency KOMMA99

Our Amazon Services

As an Amazon agency, we offer you a range of services in the field of Amazon marketing.

Market Research

Market research is the key to making the most of online marketing opportunities. Our Amazon experts analyze the behavior of your competitors and can determine how you can use your budget most efficiently to position your products on Amazon in the long term.

Retail Management

As Retail Managers, our Amazon experts are committed to planning, monitoring and organizing your Amazon presence. In addition to the development of an effective Amazon marketing strategy and the planning of target group-oriented content, we take over the entire management of the Vendor Centrals.

Content & Product Data Optimization

In addition to strategy development, our Amazon experts are also focused on the creation of optimal content for your target group - from keyword research to the design of product texts. Qualitative content increases the visibility of a brand and its products. Optimizing the content increases the conversion rate and sales. As in all other online marketing areas, the same applies to Amazon: Content is king!

Amazon Advertising

A product perfectly adapted to the target group is not enough to position oneself well on Amazon from one day to the next and thus to move into the field of vision of potential customers. Professional Amazon advertising, i.e. the targeted planning of advertisements (ads), is necessary for a new brand to gain a foothold in Amazon. Our experts support you in positioning your products in Amazon in the long term.

The most important Amazon SEO ranking factors

As with Google SEO, Amazon ranking factors are focused not only on qualitative content, but also on user signals in particular.

In short: Hotly sought-after products are positioned with priority.

Dwell time

The Dwell time on the product page provides information about how interesting a product is for the target group.


The higher the number of sales, i.e. the products sold, the more relevant Amazon classifies this product for the target group. If a particularly high number of sales is recorded, it is possible to receive Amazon badges (e.g. the "bestseller badge"). Badges boost the click-through rate (CTR) and also sales.


The CTR (click-through rate) records how often a product is clicked on the SERP (search results page) compared to the competition.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate captures the number of clicks on the product (or on a paid ad) that lead to a purchase.


Hotly sought-after products must be available. If users finally find a suitable product and then can't get it due to low quantities, that's a bad user signal.

Return rate

If products are returned very often, it could be an indication that the product does not meet the product description or has damage.


Just like users in the Google search engine, users in the Amazon search engine also search for specific keywords to find suitable products. These keywords must be carefully researched and used in the product title and product description, among other things.

Product title

The product title must contain relevant keywords (search terms) to be played out for these search terms. The brand and other important information (e.g. color, size,...) must also be correctly specified.

Product description

A meaningful product description is a must-have to successfully sell products as a seller on Amazon. The rule here is: Summarize as much information as necessary in a short and compact way and present it in a user-friendly way.


The eye also buys. Without high-quality product images, it is difficult to attract the interest of potential customers. The likelihood of clicks and purchases is greatly increased by suitable product images.


Of course, price also plays a major role. The competitiveness compared to the competition must be given to offer an appealing offer for potential customers.


Product reviews are crucial for the purchase decision of potential customers. Good reviews from real buyers show other interested parties experiences with the product.

"If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they may tell six friends about it. If you make them unhappy on the Internet, they may tell 6,000 friends about it at the same time."

- Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Our tasks as an Amazon agency

How we optimize your Amazon presence
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Goals & Strategy

As an Amazon agency, we help you achieve your goals. To create a long-term Amazon marketing strategy In order to plan our collaboration, we first need to get an idea of the status quo before we start. If you are already active as an Amazon seller, we analyze the current status and define the further roadmap for our collaboration. If you are not yet active as a seller, we are happy to support you with the entire concept - we are ready for you with our know-how.

Amazon SEO & Optimization

After strategic planning, it's time for implementation. With Amazon SEO we take care of the organic findability of your products in the search results. We start with a keyword research, optimize all content areas and also advise you on the topic of images and price. By analyzing your competitors, we identify the optimization areas that bring you closer to your goal. With Amazon SEO and content optimization we create your Amazon marketing foundation.

Amazon Advertising

Besides Amazon SEO the use of advertisements (ads) necessary to be successful as a seller. The more often a product is bought, the more popular it is - that's why purchases need to be boosted, especially at the beginning. Especially when launching your product for the first time, Amazon Ads are essential. Amazon Paid Ads help you get a foothold in Amazon and position your products ideally for the most relevant keywords. This way, more sales can be generated and a sustainable, good ranking can be achieved.

Optimization, Consulting & Reporting

As an Amazon agency, we naturally also support you through ongoing optimization and consulting. As a long-term customer, you will receive regular reports from us with all relevant figures, data and facts. In addition, a fixed contact person is available to you as a project manager for all questions and concerns. If you would like to learn more about Amazon Marketing and expand your know-how, we are happy to offer you a workshop to pass on our knowledge.

Our Amazon Full Service Marketing Offer

More visibility, more customers, more sales.

Our Amazon full service agency services help you achieve your goals in the world's largest e-commerce marketplace.

More visibility through optimized products

Through Amazon SEO, our team of experts optimizes your products from the product title, to the product description, to the price and images. The more perfectly a product matches the search query of a potential buyer, the higher the probability of a top positioning. We boost the visibility of your products with ideally positioned ads.

More customers through more visibility

If your products are more visible to your target audience, you will generate more new customers. Through perfectly optimized product views and appropriately placed ads, we manage to increase your customer base on Amazon.

More sales through more customers

If you generate more customers, you also generate more sales. More sales for you as a seller is the big goal of Amazon Marketing. Our team supports you with professional Amazon PPC and SEO consulting, the implementation of all necessary optimization measures and long-term support in increasing your Amazon performance.

Our services for your success
Amazon Full Service Marketing Agency KOMMA99

FAQs: Frequently asked Amazon marketing questions and answers

Amazon SEO refers to the optimization of products to increase visibility in the Amazon search engine. Through targeted measures, such as the optimization of product title, product description and more, the ranking can be positively influenced. The more a product matches the search term entered, the higher the probability that it will move into the field of vision of potential buyers.

Sponsored products are ads that are displayed for specific search terms (keywords). This allows brands to advertise their offerings on Amazon and thus increase product sales.

Sponsored brands, like sponsored products, are ads that are displayed for specific search terms (keywords). The difference is that with sponsored brands ads, the ad is additionally provided with a logo of the brand.

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a platform provided by Amazon that enables Programmatic Advertising. Through Amazon DSP, vendors, sellers, and even non-vendors can programmatically place ads on Amazon, in apps, and also on other websites.