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More with Google My Business regional visibility and customers from the immediate vicinity.

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As a Google My Business agency, we know that regional visibility is the be-all and end-all for the marketing of many companies. Many businesses are dependent on their location and draw their customers from the immediate vicinity - this includes restaurants, hotels and even body-related service providers.

As a Google My Business agency, we ensure that you and your company become more visible locally and regionally.

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Our services as a Google My Business agency

Would you like to set up a Google My Business entry or optimize an existing company profile? We create a Meaningful and search engine optimized Google My Business profile for your company. 

Our experienced managers take care of your Google My Business profile from A to Z. We optimize both the basic information for your company profile such as company name, SEO title, address, phone number, domain of your website, photos, as well as the small details, such as the posts, content, offers and management of reviews.

We will be happy to provide you with training in Google Analytics so that you can analyze all the information, manage your profile independently and evaluate campaigns. 

Get Google My Business set up and optimized!

Why a Google My Business Entry is so important for companies

The Google search engine is the best and, above all, most effective way for many companies, Generate new customers. As an online marketing agency with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads (SEA), we ensure that our customers' websites are positioned on Google page 1 - and thus generate more traffic and sales.

In an SEO strategy, we rely on four pillars: technology, content, web design and backlinks. Google My Business is an important part of SEO. It is particularly relevant for Local visibility and the branding of companies.

With an optimized Google My Business entry, companies can be found locally - for their company name and also for other related search terms. Through a Google My Business entry generate valuable visibility for companies in the search engine Google. In this way, companies can build trust with prospective customers and strengthen their branding.

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Google My Business Consulting & Optimization

Take the first step towards online visibility with Google My Business as an important part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

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The structure of a Sustainable online visibility requires a properly designed and individually tailored optimization and marketing strategy. As an online marketing agency with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads (SEA), we are experts in online visibility. We know the necessary marketing measures for your industry to make your company visible online.

Creating and optimizing a Google My Business profile is the first important step so that you can Found regionally and locally by your target group will. KOMMA99 will set up Google My Business for you:

The 9 must-haves a good Google My Business listing

SEO title

Company name and service.

Company data

Correct indication of category, address and opening hours.

Contact details

Owner, e-mail address, telephone number.


Link to your own website.

SEO description text

SEO content is necessary for the online visibility of the Google My Business entry.


Building new reviews and responding to existing reviews - both very important for reputation.

Meaningful content

Profile picture, logo, cover picture, videos, photos, service catalog, etc. - The more meaningful the content, the better.

Google Ads link

This allows Google Ads to be placed that lead directly to the Google My Business entry.

Linking with social media

Google My Business entry is displayed on corresponding (own) social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X.

Your Google My Business agency

As an online marketing agency with a focus on SEO and Google Ads, we are Professionals in the optimization of websites and online stores. Our goal: to make companies more visible online so that they generate more inquiries and more sales. Our team are experts in online marketing and provide 100 % for marketing success.

The focus is on the Comprehensive advice and the creation of a long-term online marketing strategy. In addition to optimization and consulting for Google My Business accounts, we offer a wide range of online marketing services - such as SEO, Google Ads and web design.

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You want learn yourself and generate Know-how in the area of Google My Business to manage the regional visibility of your company yourself in the long term? In our Google My Business seminar, our agency team will train you individually on an optimal strategy for your company and answer all your questions. In our Google My Business seminar, you will receive all the information you need on the following topics:

The seminar provides you with all the important knowledge you need to develop your company profile and the entire optimize your online presence and improve your visibility.

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