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Newsletter marketing
More customer loyalty, chance to upsell
and new customer acquisition

We as an E-mail Marketing Agency know how to reach your target group
with Newsletter marketing and win new customers.

E-mail Marketing Agency

Much more than newsletter creation

Newsletter conception

As an email marketing agency, we take care of the strategic planning of your newsletter marketing strategy.

Newsletter broadcast

We organize the sending of the newsletter to your customers and potential new customers - 1x/quarter, 1x/month or more often.

Newsletter design

Matching your corporate design, we create a newsletter design that convinces your target group.

Monitoring & Reporting

We analyze all relevant email marketing KPIs (open rate, click rate, etc.) and collect the information in a clear reporting.

Editorial planning & content

Together with you, we plan an editorial plan and, if desired, also create the entire e-mail content up to blog posts.

Consulting & Support

Our email marketing experts are at your disposal with all their expertise.

Our email marketing experts

This is how easy it is in 3 steps
to the perfect newsletter!

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Initial interview

In an initial meeting, we get an overview of your company's current online performance. This enables us to assess whether email marketing is a sensible online marketing channel for achieving your marketing goals.

Concept, Planning & Content

E-mail marketing must be well planned. Therefore, in the next step we dedicate ourselves to the conception of the newsletter design, the time planning, the creation and sending and - of course very important - the content of the newsletter. The content can come from you, but if you wish we can also do the copywriting for you.

Newsletter Distribution & Reporting

Every online marketing measure has a goal in mind - and email marketing is no exception. After sending the newsletter to your existing and potential new customers, we analyze previously defined KPIs (open rate, click rate, etc.) and send you a newsletter report with all the facts and figures.

Free Email Marketing Consultation

You are not sure if email marketing makes sense for your company? Contact us and we will advise you on suitable online marketing options.

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Email Marketing - An Important Sub-Area in the Perfect Online Marketing Mix

Newsletters are a useful tool for strengthening long-term ties with existing or even potential new customers. However, e-mail marketing is only one area for the perfect Online Marketing Mix. The measures of online marketing must always be planned individually - every company is different and the path to the goal requires perfectly coordinated marketing strategies.

As an online marketing agency, we support you not only with newsletters, but with the entire online performance increase of your company. Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords (SEA) deal with the performance of websites and online stores in search engines like Google. The goal of SEO is to achieve an organic (natural) ranking on Google page 1. When good positioning is made possible through SEO, companies benefit with an increase in inquiries and sales. Google AdWords is the "paid" counterpart of SEO - here, too, the goal is page 1, but the position is "bought" through advertisements. Both SEO and SEA can be useful online marketing measures and can also be perfectly combined with an email marketing strategy.

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Creating and sending out newsletters is an important measure for maintaining communication with existing and potential new customers. However, the focus should also extend to other platforms. It is important for companies to build a variety of online touchpoints to engage with their target audience. One important sub-area is Social media and the associated platforms Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn, etc. Almost all target groups can be found among the users of social media platforms - if companies are present in social media, they can attract the attention of their target group and thus strengthen their branding.

Email marketing for your company

How we take your business to the next level as an email marketing agency

Are you curious and want to use email marketing for your business? We help our customers use email marketing to increase customer loyalty, pave the way for upsell opportunities and win new customers through targeted communication.

As an email marketing agency, we support you from start to finish.

Newsletter Concept & Planning
Newsletter design
Editorial planning & content
Newsletter Distribution & Reporting
Personal support and advice

Email Marketing - What is it exactly?

Roughly speaking, the term covers the sending of newsletters via e-mails to existing customers or potential new customers. This spreads news about content or offers of the company. By disseminating information, customer loyalty can be strengthened and new customers can also be generated.

So, in combination with a clear layout and valuable information, email marketing is an important part of any company's marketing strategy. However, professional email marketing is incredibly extensive. The e-mail marketing strategy must be created and planned, the newsletter design must be conceptualized and, of course, suitable content must not be missing - after all, the newsletter should be exciting and attract the attention of the target group. What many companies often do not consider when planning newsletters is the web design.

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Often, the information within the newsletter leads to the company's website. In this case, of course, not only the newsletter but also the website must be convincingly designed with a suitable web design. As an online marketing agency, we can support you in creating newsletters and optimizing the web design of your website. Our services range from web design, website creation, e-commerce marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords (SEA) to social media.

Get started with email marketing now!

As a professional email marketing agency, we take care of your newsletter marketing, from conception and design to sending and evaluation. Our email marketing experts accompany you personally, in Vienna & surroundings and if desired even on site, to increase the performance of your company.