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Visibility in Google & Co

Through SEO texts to more visibility in search engines like Google & Co.

More traffic

Attract the attention of the target audience and generate more traffic to the website.

Longer dwell time

Increase the dwell time of website visitors through exciting content.

Increase in requests

Seek and you shall find. Meet expectations through suitable content and generate new customers.

SEO copywriter on behalf of our clients

As an SEO marketing agency, we were already allowed to write SEO texts for many of our customers. The best feeling for our SEO copywriters is when our clients are found on Google page 1 through the written texts.

It's that easy - 4 steps to the perfect SEO text!

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Contact & Initial Consultation

In a personal first meeting we get to know each other and discuss your expectations and goals.

Text interview

In an interview via online conference between one of our SEO copywriters and you, we learn more about your target audience, your service, your product, the company language and the desired writing style.

Creation of the SEO texts

Our SEO copywriters will write your text (or several texts) for your website - perfectly adapted to the user and the search engine.

Feedback & Completion

In a correction loop, our SEO copywriters implement desired changes and finalize the text for your website.

Your team - our SEO copywriters

What is an SEO text?

Often they are labeled as nonsense texts without content, and overfilled with many keywords. But this is not always true! SEO texts from professional SEO copywriters are well-structured text types, which should respond to the customer and satisfy him with an answer or a purchase. The difference to non SEO optimized texts is therefore solely in the Keyword focus, that is, focusing on the intention and desire of the customer and the search engine.

At the same time, well-optimized SEO texts achieve a high positioning in search engines like Google - Why? Because they are built in such a way that they perfectly respond to the customer and his wishes regarding content for the selected keyword. With an analysis of other websites, we can ideally adjust the text to the expectations of users and also satisfy the search engine by optimizing the text.

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In summary, this means that an SEO text must be able to do both: The text should both please the user in terms of content, appeal to him and provide him with short and concise answers in the content, but at the same time also convince the search engine of its importance with additional optimizations. User and search engine belong together - Only if the user is satisfied, the search engine is satisfied, and vice versa.


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The advantages of SEO texts

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Search engine optimization is complex. Every technical optimization, every backlink and every optimized web design is incomplete without SEO optimized texts incomplete. The texts, i.e. the content on the website, are one of the four pillars of SEO. This means - for the success of a website SEO optimized texts are essential in order to found online at all .

But then to Page 1 of the search engine (only 5% of users click on the second page), it takes a Keyword focus. Users search in search engines for search terms (keywords), SEO texts are precisely matched and focused on these search terms.

Writing an SEO optimized text means not only writing a good text, but also taking into account the requirements of search engines like Google. This includes the number of words (text length), the keyword density (frequency of terms used) and also the overall content. SEO copywriting is very complex, but the effort pays off: With a well-written SEO text that is perfectly aligned with the expectations of users (users of a search engine), a website can be the best positioning in Google . This will improve the traffic and the requests in a sustainable way.

So writing a successful SEO text is not the same as writing "normal" texts. It needs both the linguistic skill, as well as an enormous knowledge about the chosen search engine (Google), keywords and the right analysis in the background - Here we come as a Online Marketing SEO Agency to provide your website with perfect SEO texts.


Our customers speak for us
Dr. Lukas HallmannDentist

KOMMA99 is a great SEO agency or online marketing agency from Vienna!

After a non-binding first conversation, I was offered a project package that was very individually adapted to my wishes and ideas. I was assigned the expert Nico from the team as a contact person and was allowed to contact him with my questions at any time by phone, email or even video conference. I felt extremely well looked after and all my questions were answered very professionally.

The result is something to be proud of! The SEO expert Roman has given my website a great new look with his know-how in web design and the great Nina has written a fantastic SEO text for me!

Many thanks to the entire team!

Verena HoferSales IT Power Services

I appreciate KOMMA99 because as an SEO beginner they can explain the topic to me in a way that I understand what I need to understand for the cooperation but without overwhelming me with too much details.

The people are reliable, responsive, friendly and very professional. I really enjoy working with them and can absolutely recommend themselves.

Clear 👍

Alrun Kammler

Competent advice, goal-oriented implementation!

If you want your Google presence to be in good hands, the KOMMA99 team is highly recommended!


The Advantages by our SEO copywriters

At KOMMA99 we take the time to do a comprehensive analysis, get to know your business and your customers and ask the right questions before we start copywriting. However, our process always remains the same, is carried out by professionals in the field of SEO and goes into detail where it is necessary in online marketing for your business.

Our SEO copywriters write texts perfectly optimized for your target group and your company, which will not only delight your customers, but also the search engine.

Important ingredients for our SEO text recipe

Keyword placement
Meaningful content
Personalized content writing style
Visually appealing structure of the content
Keyword monitoring

First place wins

The goal of SEO texts: Google page 1, rank 1

Step by step to the perfect SEO Text

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The start: The keyword analysis

We start every SEO collaboration with the most important step on the content SEO level: the keyword analysis. Through this analysis we recognize which focus must be set on your website and in your industry to achieve your goal of more conversions by Google.

Competition analysis

When we have focused on one or more keywords, the SEO optimized text is created for it. Here we are guided by the competition and take a close look at why other texts for this keyword work - that is, why these pages are ranked high in the search engine. Both the text length and the structure can be well recognized, which content the user expects.

Meta description and title

The components of the SERP snippet (short description of a website on Google's search results page) are also carefully written by us. They are the first thing the user sees of your website and especially here the use of keywords is essential. With our in-house SERP Snippet Generator we check if the snippet is displayed correctly.

WDF*IDF analysis

When writing SEO texts, SEO copywriters use a little helper - the WDF*IDF analysis. Using a sophisticated formula of the WDF*IDF analysis, our SEO copywriters recognize which words they need to use how often within a text to achieve a good ranking.

Structure, content and appearance

With the SEO text, we address the users - both a clear structure, as well as an attractive appearance and a common thread in the design are a must-have in addition to the meaningful content. We not only create SEO texts but also provide an overall concept for the structure of the website - to meet the requirements of the search engine and the users.

SEO texts are our passion

As an SEO marketing agency, we are professionals in optimizing SEO texts. Our goal is to help you position your website in such a way that you can multiply your inquiries and your turnover in a sustainably.

We focus on comprehensive and long-term consulting, on the creation of individual SEO strategies as well as on the implementation of any optimization measures regarding content and marketing. This includes SEO texts, which are necessary to position websites and online stores on the first page.

You alone decide to what extent and with which SEO questions we can support you. We offer one-time SEO support, but many of our clients choose long-term cooperation with monitoring and constant support.


SEO copywriters: why you should hire a marketing agency for SEO texts

Writing appealing texts differs significantly from writing appealing SEO texts. Here, background knowledge of the search engine and an in-depth analysis is required. For this reason, many companies resort to agencies and SEO copywriters. They prefer to save their time for internal tasks and leave the copywriting for content to the professionals.

At KOMMA99, we place a lot of emphasis on personal attention. We want to get to know your company and understand what makes your services or products special. Our copywriters adapt to you and your business when writing your SEO copy. Writing SEO texts is our daily task, we were allowed to gain a lot of experience in various industries and therefore know exactly what it takes for a perfect SEO text.