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The best 20 business directories in Austria for your SEO strategy

Including business directories in the SEO strategy in the beginning is a great advantage and forms the basis for a good placement on Google. It is very easy to register online in a business directory - usually the entry of the company name, address and other data is enough to finalize and send the entry and pave the way to the visibility of your website on Google more and more. Here is an overview of the most important business directories, which we discuss in more detail below:



The relevance and advantages of business directories

These entries in business directories or even business directories are called Citations, and they are part of the local SEO strategy, because you will almost only enter your business in lists of business directories of your country (or neighboring countries like Germany), to address your local customers so best possible. 


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It is important that the company name, address and other disclosed data on each company listing match. This is the only way Google will recognize the article as a citation. Only the description of your company can and should be slightly different to avoid duplicate content. 


Listings in business directories are usually free, yet there are business directories online that you have to pay for. Industry specific directories or additional features like linking your website can cost extra in some directories. Here it is important to weigh up whether the citation/backlink is necessary, i.e. whether it is a particularly high-quality directory that can give you an advantage.

Backlinks from business directories are not links per se, but citations. These backlinks in the list of business directories can also have a great effect, and are always part of our SEO strategy at the beginning. Because even entering online can be very time-consuming, we can gladly take over this task for you and therefore offer that in many of our packages for your website with.


Business directories and Local SEO

Local SEO is a part of search engine optimization, because Google interprets local search queries. An example of this would be "bank nearby" or "bank near *location*" - When this search term is entered, Google searches all MyBusiness accounts or addresses embedded on Google through business directories and shows you a listing for local businesses or stores. This makes it possible to intercept walk-in customers and find nearby restaurants, businesses and companies easily through a business directory.

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Just by searching for "restaurant", Google will automatically show you restaurants near you, by the user's IP address. 

This is where business directories come into play. An entry in a business directory not only proves to Google that your business is well-known, but also ties your business into local SEO, making it easier to find. That's why it's especially important to fill out business directories conscientiously and accurately so that they match your website and enable optimal search with your listing.


The 20 best free business directories

Now you got a rough overview of the definition of business directories and their benefits - It's time to get to know the most important 20 for Austria and additionally Google My Business:


Google My Business

Equally in front is probably the largest and most important business directory, namely Google My Business. This free directory offered by Google forms the basis for visibility on Google. Here you simply register, verify your location, and you will be found on Google and all its services as an entry. Here it is important to fill out the profile completely and accurately, because the more information Google receives about your business, the better. In addition, in Google MyBusiness can easily make changes or even create responses to reviews.

Local business directories

  • susi.at - Business directory to find professionals near you

  • citybranch.at - Free Business Directory for Austria
    Yellow pages-comma99_21_21
  • state.bz - Location based business directory for Austria
    Business directories-comma99_18_18
  • mediflor.at - Company directory in Austria
  • yellow-pages-online.at- Specialized in the search of companies in Austria
  • firmendb.com - Free access to contact companies in Germany, Switzerland and AustriaYellow pages-comma99_6_6

General business directories

  • company.at - Directory and list of Austrian companies, service providers and associationsYellow pages-comma99_14_14
  • herold.at - Brings service providers together with customersBusiness directories-comma99_10_10
  • companyabc.at - List of qualitative companies
    Yellow pages-comma99_13_13
  • business directory.org - Free directory of companies in Germany
    Business directories-comma99_4_4
  • directory.org - List for companies from all countries and industries
    Yellow pages-comma99_7_7
  • wlw.at - The B2B platform for the purchase decision
    Yellow pages-comma99_1_1
  • dasschnelle.at - Online telephone directory for people, companies and businesses
    Business directories-comma99_16_16
  • en.kompass.com - Company Directory Worldwide
    Yellow pages-comma99_2_2
  • companywebsites.at - Business directory for more reach as a company
    Business directories-comma99_12_12

Industry specific directories

  • wirtschaftszeit.at - Information portal for the economy
    Business directories-comma99_5_5

Recommendation services and social networks

  • yelp.at - Recommendation portal for stores, service providers, etc.
    Business directories-comma99_20_20
  • hotfrog.at - Reviews of local companies in Austria
    Business directories-comma99_9_9
  • cylex.at - List to authorities and companies in Austria
    Yellow pages-comma99_17_17
  • facebook.com - Social network and website with people profiles and company pages
    Business directories-comma99_15_15

Business directory listings for better visibility

It is important to choose qualitative business directories from Austria or Germany to generate good and quality backlinks. Here it helps to check the visibility of the directory for the listing to also ensure that the site is trustworthy and good. 

We also recommend to vary in the company description - This way you avoid duplicate content. 

Last but not least, it should be said that company directories are enormously important for regional rankings, so Local SEO, but also for the general ranking of your page. So we recommend at any rate at the beginning of the SEO strategy time and energy to plan for this measure.

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