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What do you need Google Reviews for? Why are Google reviews so important? How do you get reviews? Where are the Google reviews visible? How does the setup work? How should you deal with bad Google reviews? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google reviews? Is it easy to delete reviews?

We'll answer all your questions in detail and give you tips and tricks on how your business can get more Google reviews! 

Description: Google reviews influence the success of your business on many levels

Google Rating - Importance

In the age of the digital world, customer reviews are becoming increasingly important. Google reviews in particular have a special significance, because they have a direct influence on the online reputation of your company. With the help of Google reviews, you can steer the reputation and success of your business.

But why do you need Google reviews now? And why are they so important for your business? 

  • Creates a basis of trust

    More and more users value the opinions of others and perceive companies with many positive reviews as more trustworthy. Reviews offer insight into your customers' experiences and thus help build trust.



  • Visibility in search engines

    It's no secret - Google is the search engine giant. As the most used search engine, it has an enormous influence on your ranking in the search results and thus determines your success, among other things. Since Google reviews are also ranking factors, reviews have a significant impact on your positioning. In short - positive reviews increase your chance of visibility!


  • Appreciation & Recognition

    Google reviews provide users with information about the experiences and opinions of your customers and therefore also influence the reputation of your company. When your customers write positive reviews about your business, it increases appreciation and recognition and tends to attract potential customers. Just as positive reviews can affect the reputation of your business, negative reviews can also affect that reputation.



  • Purchase decisions

    If your business receives mostly positive Google reviews, this will have just as much influence on your users' buying decisions.

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  • Feedback

    In addition to visibility, ranking, appreciation and recognition, purchase decision and so on, ratings have a much more important significance. - Because a Google rating gives you valuable feedback and constructive criticism. The feedback gives you clear information about possible improvements, products or services to adapt and develop further and customer satisfaction.


A Google review is especially important for your ranking in search results and your visibility in search engines, creates a basis of trust, contributes to the image of your company, influences purchasing decisions and gives you valuable feedback!

How do you get Google reviews?

"No pain, no gain!" 

It's rather unlikely that you'll get many Google reviews without doing anything about it. Most people simply don't think to share their positive experiences. Negative experiences, on the other hand, are loved to be shouted out into the world. That's why it's important to be proactive and strive for positive customer reviews. 

To get more Google reviews, there are a few ways:


    • Ask actively for a review
      Actively ask your customers to write a review. This can be done verbally in a meeting or customer conversation, or as a polite request in an email. It's best to give them the link directly to make the Google review as straightforward as possible.

    • As simple as possible - uncomplicated
      Your customer should be able to create their review as easily as possible. Therefore, make sure that the link to your Google My Business page is visibly positioned on your website, in the email signature or in your social media posts.
      Remember, the fewer clicks or searches required, the more likely they are to write you a review.

    • Reaction to existing assessments
      You have already received reviews? Very good - Respond to existing reviews and show that you care and value feedback.
      If you have positive responses ready, you're more likely to get new reviews.

  • Name a reason
    Whether you ask in person or via email to create a Google review, explain why his or her review is important to you.
    Studies show that requests are more likely to be granted if you know the reason for the request.

  • Use different channels
    There are no limits to what you can do when asking customers to write reviews. You can ask to write a review in many ways, e.g. in person, in your newsletter, by email, in social media channels, etc.

  • Reminder
    Often, customers do not send their reviews right away because, for example, they still want to test the product. If you have the opportunity, e.g. during a later customer meeting, remind them of the review again.


Acting proactively is the key to getting Google reviews. You are free to choose different ways to get customer reviews. A combination of your options increases the chance of getting reviews.

Where are your Google ratings visible?

Your customer reviews will show up in either Google search results or Google Maps results.

Google search results

If you have a Google My Business account, the ratings are also visible here.



Google Maps results

Google My Business and Google Maps are connected. For this reason, you can also view reviews directly in the Google Maps app when you search for or click on a location. 


How does the setup work?

Setting up a Google My Business account is easy as pie and free of charge. 

All you need is a Google account (Gmail).

  1. Calls http://www.google.com/business/ at
  2. "Start Now"
  3. Add company name & address
  4. Add missing information about your company
    IMPORTANT: Check contact details again
  5. Verification 
  6. Add remaining information (only possible after verification), such as opening hours and subcategories

The more information you offer, the higher the trust level of your company.

Bad Google rating - what now?

No one wants to receive a bad review. Unfortunately, this still happens. It is difficult to perfectly meet the tastes of all customers and users. 

However, a bad review can be valuable feedback for you.  

But what to do if you get a bad review?


It is important that you respond even to a negative Google review. Show your customers that you care about their concerns and wishes. Respond to the review and apologize that he had a bad experience with your company.

Offer a solution to his problem and give him the option to switch to a private channel (phone, email) to resolve the issues.

When responding, indicate that you are eager to do better in the future and that you appreciate the feedback (whether good or bad).

Google Reviews - Advantages & Disadvantages at a Glance


  • Confidence building
  • Can enhance the reputation and image of the company
  • Customer satisfaction overview
  • Improves the visibility of your company in search engines
  • Improves ranking in search results
  • Local SEO
  • Purchase decision


  • Bad experiences are more likely to be shared than positive ones
  • Reviews can usually only be deleted by the authors (you can report unjustified reviews in the Google My Business dashboard and ask for deletion)
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